Come To Bozeman In The Winter

Some history, some works of art, some philosophies and mathematical equations, seem to have a mind-life of their own, and come together to form a shape that resembles God, but is way more vast and forgiving. To discover that presence and shape has a name and purpose, is worthy of creating a masterpiece. Such is the contribution of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Rosamond Press

I lay down for an early old man nap thinking I got it suds. An hour later I am awake, and am working on Rena Christensen’s charater.

RENA: After her husband dies, she discovers the families lost mineral rights they thought they owned, was misfiled as a Deed to 131,444 acres of land outside Bozeman that everyone assumed was owned by the Feds. Selling off 100,000 acres made Rena a wealthy woman, and she built a fabulous log cabin on the remaining acres where she raises horses. She hired six young men who call themselves The Proud Brown Hat Boys’ who act as Rena’s bodyguards because she is afraid of just about everything, but horses. She can ride like the wind.

So, I got off my sofa and googled ‘large ranches Montana” and struck – GOLD! I discovered Ten Turner owns a large ranch outside of Bozeman. Then I google…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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