I Am Going To Rock The Pope’s World

I will be doing the ritual of the David King as described in Psalm 31, then publish my vision in a little book! The Christian religion, will never be the same. Where do you read the Pope condemning Trump for allowing Christians to compare his to king David who doing nothing about the coronavirus.

John ‘The Nazarite’

(3) Shembe Dance – INkosi V.V. Shembe – YouTube

Posted on Michael Dundon’s facebook message.

“If this was a ritual musical then there were actors? What if Psalm 31 was a coronation of a Davidic King who came down from his palace across the valley of death, and up to the temple, he being beaten and spit on till he is given sanctuary inside the temple. David dances before the Ark which upset the Tribe of Benjamin. David is doing penitence for his sins, so the kingdom of Judea will be without sin.

After counting the Jews God has David choose his punishment. He chooses a plague that kills many. He is loathed. Trump and his Christian leader counted on the Christian vote, and we got plague. 500,000 have died. Not one Christian leader has shown remorse or held a public prayer for the dead because their flock will desert them – or kill them! Millions believe Trump is the return of King David. Ten thousand ministers don’t dare say – they are insane! Trump led Qanon lunatics to overthrow our government – in the name of Jesus. My kin co-founded the Republican party that many say – is dead! You send me Psalm 31. What was I supposed to do, keep my mouth shut – and play dead? I own a newspaper registered in Lane County. I predicted all of this. I got it right. I even suggest Eric Swalwell sue Trump last year. He sues him this year. “

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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