The Coming Kingdom of Virginia

Here is another prophetic post.

King John

The Kingdom of Virginia

Posted on December 24, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

I must be guided by an Angel. An hour ago I discovered the King of Scotland was married to Henritta Maria of the House of Bourbon, who the State of Maryland in named. My ex-fiancé Virginia is kin to the Bourbons. On August 23, 2018 I named one of the Seven States after her. I foresaw the coming of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to dwell in California.

I stuck my neck wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy out on this one! These are the posts that incited my lunatic neighbors to come as a mob to my door and cry:

“You need to be locked up!”

As President I Will Restore The French Territory

Posted on October 4, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is my facebook group that is my homebase for my bid to be the write-in candidate for Republican President.

John ‘The Prophet’

King of Oregon and California

Posted on October 3, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press

Proposal 019
Proposal 006
Proposal 015
Proposal 017
Proposal 020

On October 1, 2013 on the day the Government of the United States ceased to exist due to the successful take-over of our Democracy by the Tea Party secessionists, I, John Presco, proposed to, Virginia Hambley de Bourmont, and she accepted.

With this proposal, I presented to my fiancé the Louisianans Territory as held by her illustrious French Ancestors.

Let it be known, that on this day, October 2, 2013, that I John Gregory Presco lay claim to the California and the Oregon Territory as it was known to my illustrious ancestors the Benton and Fremont family, who egregiously ignored the Constitution and the Economic Idealogy of Jeane-Baptise Say, who married into the de Bourmont Anjou family, who are this very day trying to restore the Monarchy of France. Good luck!

I believe the only chance the Orlean de Anjou claimants have, is to back the New Found Kingdoms in America that take in most of the land west of the Missouri River – that was illegally taken by the ideology of ‘Manifest Destiny’ as promoted by my kindred, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Now that this democracy ceases to exist, I hereby make null and void the purchase of the Oregon Territory from Britain.

Let it be known, that I, the rightful King of California and Oregon, will return California to Mexico and the Mexican People, if they back my claim, and make my bride-to-be and her beloved kindred – the Titular and Dynastic Rulers of the New Kingdom of California-Mexico!

It is my desire to see my kindred merrily taking part in all festivities these great people are known for, with pomp, and royal flare that will be paid for by the Mexican people via a Royal Tax. This is a small price to pay for solving half of the immigration problem.


John Presco

Titular King of Oregon and California

P.S. also let it be known I am the Rightful Leader of the Republican Party – in exile!

Rosamond Press

I awoke from my Old Man Nap, and understood God wanted me to found Seven Kingdoms within the border of the United States. I considered naming the former Lousiana Territory, Virginia, then, I went looking for the source of this name. I was blown away!

The Kingdom of Virginia will include, Oregon, and Washington as depicted on the map above. It is God’s Will that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex rule this new kingdom, for it is ordained.

I am a Nazarite after John the Baptist and Samuel ‘The King Maker’.

John ‘The Nazarite’

“The state of Virginia was named after England’s Queen Elizabeth I. In the early 1600’s, all of North America that was not Spanish or French was then called “Virginia” in honor of “The Virgin Queen,” and the earliest English colonial expeditions were sent by the Virginia Company of London. Virginia became the 10th…

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    Belmont is a stepping stone for my historic expectations. Every registered Republican threw our REAL history away and went for half-naked Jacob wearing a set of horns. The party founded by my kin sat Horned Jacob in the seat in the Senate Chambers. And, then they pretend they didn’t. And now Little Rocket Man is making his real move on destroying us. The Honorable Fortune Cookie | Rosamond Press

    After Georgia Attacks, Asian-Americans Demand Serious Action on Bias (

    For most of the last year, Asian-Americans have sounded the alarm over the rising discrimination they have experienced and witnessed, fueled in part by racist language and false claims about the coronavirus by former President Donald J. Trump and other public officials. Celebrities, activists and influencers on social media have implored people to stop the hate against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

    The Buriel Place of the Lords of Rougemont | Rosamond Press

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