Properly Esteeming The White Race

This might be my most prophetic post. I knew if the White Race was not esteemed as it should be, it would adopt a insane form of Christianity that would wreck havoc with our nation – and the world!

Rosamond Press

Many white evangelicals support Putin because they think he backs the white race, and, his nation of free of black people. Many evangelicals believe Obama esteemed black people, and Muslims – only! My neighbors had seen my blog where I declare I am a Zulu Prophet, and, the Rapture if a Heresy. I am everything they hate. They had to destroy my creditability because they are Religious Racists – who can not face reality! They asked me;

“If you are famous, why don’t’ you have a billion dollars, and, why aren’t you the President of the United States? Why are you living in a Poor Place?”

These questions are similar to the ones asked of Jesus. The evangelicals got their Billionaire Messiah, and he is destroying the United States – and the White Race! Putin has studied the Evangelicals – EXTENSIVELY! He and his Trolls targeted them in the…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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