The Bucks of Oakland and Marin

The City if Belmont weakened the Buck battle against Bohemia. I found a small town founded by a Rosamond. Casey has been forgiven.

A House impeachment manager and intelligence subcommittee chairman filed a federal lawsuit Friday against former president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph W. Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), claiming they should be held liable for injuries and destruction caused by their incitement of the Jan. 6 mob assault on the Capitol.

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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

There was a tremendous legal battle over the Trust of Leonard and Beryl Buck. On one side you had team B that wanted to restrict funding to people and groups in Marin County. Team A wanted other groups in the Bay Area to enjoy the windfall. A relative of Leonard and Beryl, Robert Brevoort Buck, helped set up the Buck Trust. Robert’s Carmel law firm was appointed Executor of my late sister’s estate. Sydney Morris sold my families literary legacy to an outsider who hired a ghost writer to author one of the worst biographies ever written. ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder is as slanderous a working of fiction that was ever written. My famous sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, is depicted as a crazed drunk who is held solely responsible for the financial chaos her gallery and business experienced over…

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