Moonbeam and The Rainbow Coalition

Belmont is not safe for promoters of Back History.

Rosamond Press

The main goal of the KKK was to prevent intercourse between white and black people For this reason the Black Panthers were attacked. Bob Jones outlawed interracial couples on it campus, and lost its tax shelter. Blaming the Civil Rights Movement, Jones put together a think tank and Paul Weyrich came up with the Right to Life movement as a means to TRUMP Martin Luther King who was a Doctor of Divinity. The Rainbow Coalition was a great threat to the KKK that was still strong, and had roots in the evangelical South – as well as the Puritans church in Boston. There was a break away movement that ended up down South and the Southern Baptists – who saw the British was ending slavery, and thus began a Redneck Presbyterian Revolt against the crown. John Witherspoon brought this revolt from Scotland. I am with his great granddaughter in the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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