Vic, Donald & Mark – BIG VICTIMS

I have read all of Tom Snyder’s book and am working on another report. My famous sister is hauled out of her casket, and stood up by my siblings and Stacey Pierrot, so Garth Benton can swing away at her as hard as he can. The law firm of Robert Buck gave a angry divorced man what millions of them have prayed for, a second chance to beat the shit out of his ex, and destroy her in every way. Truly a sickening experience for millions of women, especially Rosamond’s fans. Then, Scott Hale, a old lover, took a turn. Two years ago I posted BIG VICTIMS that proved prophetic. Congress is going to hold hearing on the sanity of Trump’s followers.

Sanity Hearing On The Rosamond Express | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

I have not talked to Vicki Presco in over five years. I know her jaw has dropped many times as there is no escape from the truth, her father and the President of the United States, are like twins. Mark Presco wrote their Master Plan, and put Vicki through a loyalty check after he got rid of the surviving Artist and Heir – who was accusing him of sexually abusing her. When I asked Vicki if it was true that Vic raped Shannon, she said;

“They were drinking together. She should have known better. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we were in our twenties.”

Vicki was living in Vic’s house when she said this, and was being groomed to take over his Loan Shark business, that was bankrolled by Larry Chazen. Vic had tricked his mother into leaving her house to her only child. The monies…

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