Run And Hide For Your Life

When I saw the footage of our elected Senators running down the halls of our Capitol -for their lives – I had an image of World War 11 soldiers hoisting the flag at Iwo Jima, and then, armed United States soldiers running down the halls SHOOTING – making the insurrectionists run for their life – and hide! The Proud Boys would understand where I am coming from, but, it is not the Democrats who are THE VICTIMS, it is the Republicans. Therefor, no Democrat has the right to defend their life – or even run away! They should take their punishment – like a man!

Trump’s attorney, David Schoen, suggested Democratic Haters of Trump have no right to put Trump on trial. And, if they do – there will be more violence! What?!!!!! David is talking about another Civil War, where two sides put on uniforms after one side claims they have been victimized by the other side. Did the North ever claim they were being victimized by the Confederacy? Did they try to prove this, before they created a large loyalist army and stated killing – TRAITORS? Did Trump ever call anyone a traitor? He called Vice President Pence a traitor – didn’t he? Does is matter that I get the facts right? Did Hitler ever tell the German People – the truth?

How many Americans saw today on TV – who the real traitors and victims – are! How many Democrats got real angry – for the first time? How many wished they were there – with a gun – and they are coming to the rescue of the Senators – like the Calvary to the rescue. This term was used, and will be discussed in my next post.

War involves the making of propaganda so you can get eighteen year old boys – to fight like hell. To suggest there will be more violence aimed at unarmed men, tells me there should be guns involved. One unarmed woman was shot trying to get into the Capitol. Civil War is about armed men killing their fellow countrymen – for damn good reasons. A woman Senator brought up the attack by outsiders on 911. Japan, nor Germany, struck a serious blow to our Homeland.

In 1812 the British invaded – ad burned down the Capitol. All the evidence points to this truth….The Democrats have a damn good right to get angry. Will President Joe Biden stir up the millions of Democratic voters to where they become violent? Will they site the threat of David Schoen, who if he gets away with it, might use this threat as much as he wants, whenever it suits the Republicans, the natural born Lovers of Trump – who will do and say anything to prove they are…..THE REAL VICTIMS! The Republican party wants THE INSURRECTION to continue. They will not ask why their President didn’t send in THE ARMED NATIONAL GUARD – because they know why!

Take a good look at the Real Soldiers hoisting that flag. How many Republican Men believe the election was rigged – and they will die for this belief? Now, ask how many Democrats will be shown footage of the insurrections invading our Capitol and making Senators run and hide – for their lives – at book camp? Do not we have a Democrat in the White House, and, does not the Democrats control the House, the Senate, the Marines, the Coast Guard, the Airforce, the Army? Bring it on! Commit more acts of TREASON……and see what your fate is. American Tradition is on the side of the Democrats. Powerful nations never saw America as a Nation of Sore Losers. They have viewed the South this way.

After 126 years, the Confederacy has failed to rise – again! They lost – again! These are evil, and vile losers! Our enemies rejoice once again because we have an Achilles Heal, being…..half of America hates Liberty and Freedom – for all!

John Presco

John Presco

David Schoen, one of lawyers defending Donald Trump against impeachment charges, warned senators on Tuesday that convicting the former president could bring about a second civil war. 

Schoen accused Democrats of knowing that “the so-called trial will tear the country in half, leaving tens of millions of Americans feeling left out of the nation’s agenda, as dictated by one political party that now holds the power in the White House and in our national legislature.”

“This trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we’ve only seen once before in our history,” he added.

The House impeached Trump last month over his role in inciting a violent mob that took over the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He is now facing trial in the Senate — which comes a year after the chamber acquitted Trump on two other articles of impeachment regarding his attempts to pressure Ukraine to smear Joe Biden and his family. 

Democratic House managers who are prosecuting the case against the former president led the day with an emotional video showing harrowing footage of the Capitol attack, which was spliced together with Trump’s own comments encouraging his supporters to fight his political enemies. 

Schoen’s comments are a chilling warning to senators ― and they’re right out of the Trump playbook. 

Trump has also warned that extreme actions like violence and confrontation may happen, and perhaps be justified, if things don’t go his way. Indeed, hours after the Capitol was overtaken by his own supporters on Jan. 6, Trump tweeted, “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long.”

Earlier that day, at a “Stop the Steal” rally to challenge the results of the 2020 election, Trump encouraged his supporters to march to the Capitol and told them they would “never take back our country with weakness.”

He said Vice President Mike Pence had better do “the right thing,” and falsely claimed that Pence had the power to deny Biden his rightful election victory. 

Pence later had to be whisked out of the Capitol and put in a secure location, as rioters were heard talking about how they wanted to lynch and execute him. Democratic lawmakers have also talked about how they feared for their lives that day.

Trump is not expected to be convicted. Democrats would need 17 GOP senators to join with them to bar Trump from becoming president ever again.

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