No Sand

Here is Tom Snyder lying about sand being in that cove.

“Vicki’s son Shamus goes on ahead to check out the small sandy cove, but, soon complains of a headache from the sun and heads back up to the main house to look for lizards.”

Was it shady up at the main house so Shamus did not worsen his headache by searching for lizards in the bright sunlight? He is on leave from the Airforce and is missing his chance to be on a adventure with his favorite niece, Drew Benton. Why didn’t she go look for lizards, too?

“They pause for a moment, looking down at the wave-worn ledges below. Sand is visible on the floor of the inlet and the waves are breaking perhaps fifty yards out to sea beyond the rocks. Drew picks up a shell fragment. She and her mother examine its color and striations closely…..”

There are three feet in a yard, so Snyder is saying from the rocks there was a hundred and fifty feet of sand. This is a damn lie! As for the shells that went into my sister’s pocket, Vicki Presco showed me the jacket Chritine allegedly wore when taken in by a rogue wave that rolled a hundred and fifty feet across the sand. These shells were broken muscle shells – that no artist would examine or collect. If only Shamus was there, a man, who would have seen how dangerous this place – still is! I bet you he feels guilty because – he had a chance to save his aunt. To this day, Drew nor Shamus have given any written eye-witness account.

On page 201 and 202 of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ Tom Snyder writes;

“Thousands travel to the Monterey area every year. Few will have been forewarned. And even locals, who reguarly see media footage of drownings, do not seem to recognize any danger to themselves.”

How about – their children?

“The effect is so insidious that family member and acquaintances of Christine’s have placed themselves close to the spot where she was taken. and it is an embarrassing to report that in researching this book, I was so involved in getting a sense of how the tragedy occurred. I was within a step or two of doing exactly the same thing.”

Snyder was down in that crevis that is about twenty feet across. He saw no sand – or beach! For there to be fifty yards of beach, that beach would stretch hundreds of yards wide – but never do you find a beach at a rocky prominence. Snyder lied about the death of a human being in order to sell more are – to they next waves of investors. Snyder writes that Christine did get a warning on page 2;

“Layne knows the shoreline well. That evening, he sounds a warning note; “If you go down to the ocean” he tells Christine, “have a care.”

Layne lives next door to the house my sister was invited to. My surviving sister, refused tell me the name of that person who hosted a world famous artist, and her eight year old child. Surely they told their guest not to go down into that cove. They had to have read Snyder’s book, and thus, they know there is no SAND there, or a beach. Why don’t they come foreword and tell the world they don’t believe Snyder’s research – is true?

John Presco

Cliffs by Rocky Point Restaurant (2) – YouTube

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