Heather – Stop Lying About Your Father!

As a proven prophet I can not stay on the mundane level of existence that is overcome by egregious liars who love the darkness. I and my genetic offspring are part of the Nazarite Mother Prophecies.

Rosamond Press

Stop lying for your mother and her lie! I am the one who came when I heard you lost your child – my grandchild. I summoned angels to be sure you do not have a miscarriage. Add it all up! Can’t you see……..I am the Blue Angel!

Everyone, and everything, is forcing my hand. Do you see? Take away my family, taking away my genetic material that is about to be born – again! Take away the truth, and replace it with lies! Casting dark spells upon the father that gave you life?

I am Angel. I died on February 11, 1967. I was born of Rosemary Rosamond, daughter of Mary Magdalene. I was born on October 8, 1946 at 6:03 P.M. during an amazing star shower. I was a virgin. I was supposed to remain a virgin, I lost my virginity in 1968. I am Angel!

I was not…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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