Lady Diana in SF Call

With the removal of the head of Churchill from the Oval Office, a important chess piece has been moved in the Rose of the World Labyrinth. Belle moving a hundred yards away from me, told me we are very near the Labyrinth epicenter that her parents charted in their Labyrinth Walk, The Spencer and Churchill family are close kin. Diana Spencer’s son married a black American – who got bumped!

I use the language of art, poetry, and myth in my blog. I offer clinical evidence when I can. My newspaper is a work of art. Many royal people are responsible for there being so much art in the world.

Seer John

Churchill and William of Orange | Rosamond Press

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The Labyrinth of Lord Fairfax | Rosamond Press

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Churchill and William of Orange | Rosamond Press

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Rosamond Press

Look who I found on the way to the Innovative Forum. This is who Princess Diana was named after – her great grandmother? I was googling Miller and found an article in the SF Call July 12, 1903. WOW!——-en–20–1–txt-txIN——–1

There is not one mention of a Royal Person in all the archives of the City of Eugene and Springfield, because, it’s all about The Homeless, and Huge Obese Springfield Women – that have been famous for fifty years in my town. If anyone dare put on airs in front of them – they will BRING YOU DOWN!

The Other Lady Diana Spencers

CNN is doing a series on the Windsors – that should include this artistic royal woman, who is a close kin of the artist – Winston Churchill! Eugene and Springfield now have a dog in the hunt. But, they are happy with their Wizard of Oz Works…

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