I Wrote Message To Interpol

Moriarty’s Demon Seed….Alley Valkyrie!

Rosamond Press

Alley Valkyrie has taken her devilish brand of Anarchism to France where her ilk are rioting in the streets of Paris. Councilperson, Emily Semple, needs to be investigated about her connections to International Anarchists, and her Anti-American, and Anti-Capitalism, leaning. Is she still a member of OCCUPY? In recent decisions, Semple wants her Homeless Occupy Tribe to be more visible, and forever in the public eye. This conflicts with the Capitalist Merchants of downtown Eugene, who are being punished, and hindered from making money. Semple ignores solutions for homeless individuals, in favor of world solutions. Are we looking at a international conspiracy?

When you listen to Alley Valkyries broadcast, you hear a woman who owns a bloodlust. Alley compares these demonstrations to World War One action. Eugene is used as a comparison. People become homeless during times of war. You can find youtube videos of Alley’s eyes dilating in her…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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