Helter-Skelter Christian Nazis

Trump is looking at “Martial Law” . Will his goon squads concentrate on States he wants a recount?

Rosamond Press

The first indication that Kim Haffner was going after me, is when she declared I was not a prophet, and, I called all Christians – Nazis. I suspect my other huge neighbor was told this lie, and thus she was furious every time I saw her.

The other big lie is, Kim, nor any member of her family read my sister’s bio – after I told her and her mother Garth was a movie actor and has a big part in the story of our artistic family. The motive for me drifting away from our friendship over a period of two months ( in order to avoid trouble) is that I went AWOL and verbally attacked her – and others! The truth is, her parents were losing face – BIG TIME! Their High School Dreams were shattered because Garth went to their High School when they did! Garth Benton is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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