Attack Of God’s Art Squad

Beware! Big Brother Bubba is counting on YOU troublemakers to further divide the Nation with threats of violence.

I own the greatest American Story – of all time! My High Noon Prophecy keeps coming true. To depict Rena Christensen-Easton as the modern day Helen of Troy captured by Cowboyism – as well as her being Britania – is spot on! How do I do it – is a question that needs to be double-funded! Her ex-husband – is not on her side. Sir Ian Easton was for a strong alliance and Military Defense, that Putin’s Joy Brother is collapsing due to Extreme Vanity the world has not seen since the Dictators.

John Presco

Goon Squad Coming To Oakland | Rosamond Press

House votes to override Trump’s veto of defense bill (

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic-controlled House voted overwhelmingly to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, setting the stage for what would be the first veto override of his presidency.

House members voted 322-87 on Monday to override the veto, well above the two-thirds needed to override. The Senate, which is expected to vote on the override this week, also needs to approve it by a two-thirds majority.

Trump rejected the defense bill last week, saying it failed to limit social media companies he claims were biased against him during his failed reelection campaign. Trump also opposes language that allows for the renaming of military bases that honor Confederate leaders.

Rosamond Press

Federal officers prepare to disperse the crowd of protesters outside the Multnomah County Justice Center on July 17 in Portland. The use of federal agents has only made a bad situation worse, state and local officials told NPR.

It has all come together for me – THE ART PROPHET! From the attacks of the Portland Street Weasel, Alley Valkyrie, to the harassment of a valid Art Historian by El Lardo and The She Uglies, and, including the Hate Fest launched by my daughter The Sociopath. And let’s not leave out the Cultural Warfare with my Muse, Rena Easton. I saw THIS ALL – coming!

Just to stir the pot I am going to write President Trump and inform him what Ed Ray did to my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who was the sole proprietor of the Oregon Territory. I will inform the Evangelical President there is a plot to…

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