King and Queen of New Prussian Union

The Prussians tried to purchase California. Would they have established a kingdom in America? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just moved into ‘The Chateau’ in Santa Barbara. If they want a kingdom, I believe as a Nazarite I can bless them with a crown – or two! Samuel the Prophet as a Nazarite, as was John the Baptist. Both Nazarites may have anointed two kings of the House of David. Samuel was titled ‘The King Maker’.

Why not a European-like Union in the West that has ties to the European Union – as well as the Royal Windsors? Brexit removes Queen Elizabeth from the European Union. This Prussian Kingdom of California will create a New Link that would thwart the intrusions of the Neo-Confederate Christian Militia Cults that attacked the Oregon State House. With the pardoning by Trump of people imprisoned in the investigation of Russia hacking into our election process, we need a confederation of loyal states who will look to protecting the interest of our European trading partners – who feel threatened by Putin – a leader the Trumpites adore!

John ‘The Nazarite’ welcomes this royal couple to California and the area my grandfather begat four beautiful Rosamond Women. Ventura by the Sea is just 20 miles from the new home of the Duke and Duchess. Royal Rosamond camped on the Channel Islands with Dashiell Hammet and other Black Masks authors. Royal taught Erl Stanley Gardener how to write. Erl lived in Ventura. Further down the coast is the Getty Villa that was built by my kindred, J.Paul Getty. My kin, Garth Benton, rendered the murals of this villa modeled after the resident of a Roman Emperor. The residence of Harry and Meghan is a royal rival. It is alleged that Harry’s mother, ‘England’s Rose’ was going to purchase a home in Malibu and live there with her two sons, one who may be the next King of England.

I am on the Historic Welcoming committee, as are my fictional characters, Victoria Rosamond Bond, and Myriam Starfish Christling, who I put in Monterey at the historic Del Monte Hotel that was built in the style of home Archie lives in. I did not know this royal move was coming. Or, did I – somehow? I am a Anglophile like Sir John Getty. I put my heroines in Santa Barba on June 8, 2020. Harry and Meghan took residency on July 1st. When did a Royal Windsor purchase ‘The Chateau’? I just found out this fact an hour ago. Need I tell you there are hundreds of James Bond Lovers who hated me when I made Bond a woman, and took her to Oregon – then California! Victoria’s bodyguard, is about to become a California Girl when she wears the most daring bikini on the beach where I told Rena Easton;

“You are afraid of the Ocean, aren’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“How dare you you take James to California! You should be locked up – lunatic!”

I found Yulia Rose two years ago. When I saw her video on the beach, I knew she had a dream of living in California. Now, she will double as the Bodyguard of Archie and his Parents. I believe she has real connections to a Guardian Angel. The plot thickens!

John Presco-Braskewitz ‘Son of the Seer’


(2) An Epic Island Adventure – YouTube

The Rosemond Art Dynasty | Rosamond Press

House of Hohenzollern – Wikipedia

LONDON — Britain and the European Union struck a hard-fought trade agreement on Thursday, settling a bitter divorce that stretched over more than four years and setting the terms for a post-Brexit future as close neighbors living apart.

The deal, which must be ratified by the British and European Parliaments, came together in Brussels after 11 months of grinding negotiations, culminating in a last-minute haggle over fishing rights that stretched into Christmas Eve, just a week before a year-end deadline.

Despite running to thousands of pages, the agreement leaves critical parts of the relationship to be worked out later. And it will not prevent some disruption to trade across the English Channel, since British exports will still be subjected to some border checks, adding costs for companies and causing potential delays at ports.

But it is nonetheless a landmark in the long-running Brexit drama — the bookend to Britain’s departure from the European Union in January and a blueprint for how the two sides will coexist after severing deep ties built over a 47-year relationship. A failure to come to terms could have left Britain and the European Union in a bitter standoff, poisoning relations for years to come.

The Lee Line Battleship

Posted on June 8, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2020

John von John heaved a sigh of relief when Starfish reluctantly obeyed orders to go sit in the car.

“I never saw anyone get so drunk on one beer!” John said.

“There is no history of alcoholism!” Victoria said rubbing her chin with her sleeve, a tell that said she was truly puzzled.

“I think she is faking it. I suspect she has gone off to meet a lover. You know how women are….a lover in every port!”

Victoria was about to take John’s remark under serious consideration. If he had not added “You know how women are” suggesting Miram was a slut. This bit of misogyny would change the course of human history. For indeed Miriam made a beeline for the microfish room at the library of the University of Oregon where a male hand locked the door after she entered.

Now able to carry on a adult conversation, John was able to get at the core of his theory.

“I have uncovered evidence there was a special group of people rescued somewhere on the Russian Swedish border at the beginning of the war.  This group may be a cadet branch of the Romanov family, and noble Germans who were invited to settle in Russian by Catherine the great. There is a ancient Viking bloodline in the mix. It looks like another attempt to create a master race. As you know Putin wants to restore Russian nobility and the true orthodoxy. Hitler was hunting for these people in order to install them in the Nazi government in Moscow once Operation Barbarossa was a success.”

“Is that it? Sounds like something you got off the internet. You and your President. Any real leads?”

“Yes. The actor Douglas Fairbanks Junior took part in Operation PQ 17.  He and fellow actor, Christopher Lee, appear to have been working the van Rosen family together. Lee was going to marry Henrietta van Rosen.  The King of  Sweden gave his approval – after offering Fairbanks as a reference. There were investigations going on. ”

“It looks like a double sub-rosa to feel out what the other knows. Did Henrietta spill the beans in a love-making session? You know how women are!”

“Touché!” von John exclaimed. “There is a lead at the Naval station in the old Del Monte Hotel in Monterey. It has been suggested Salvador Dali was secretly smuggling people out of Nazi Germany.

“You’re kidding Dali is one of my heroes. I am a surrealist sculptress.”

“Check out the founders of the WAVES. They say have been processing these people into a relocation program. Don’t take that crazy women with you! You’ll get more done!”

With “done”, Miriam got off the old oak table and looked for her panties.


When Victoria and Miriam approached the Del Monte Hotel, they both exclaimed at the same exact time….”Osborne House!”

Victoria was like a school girl off to boarding school. She was thrilled they would be staying in the Dali Room that was reserved for special guest of the Navy. On the way to see Dali’s strange creations, Miriam came up short, and stood in front of a glass case.

“Oh look! Here’s my and my parents hero!”

Victoria glanced back, and felt faint as the name LEE flashed at her like a neon sign. Creeping towards the display honoring Real Admiral Willis Augustus Lee, she almost fainted – again!

“My parents learned to target shoot from Willey. He holds the record for Olympic gold medals. I’ going to shoot at the 2020 Olympics. I got a silver medal four years ago. I want the gold.”

Victoria wandered in a circle around Starfish, in a daze. She had experienced this when she went to Le Rosey, this getting of second hand information from her best friend who was always in the know long before she was.

“It’s a shame he does not get more attention. It’s the Robert E. Lee curse. My father was a wanna-be Redneck and Civil War buff. He told me all about the pans Britain had to invade the U.S. and win the war for the Confederacy.”

“He’s my kin. I descend from the Lees.” Peeped Victoria.

“Are you shitting me! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just found out. I was going to tell you tonight.”

“Damn! We got to go to the range now. You are a natural. I know it!”

“No! I told you – no! I will never pick up a gun. For the record, once again, here……”

“I did it.” Starfish told her best friend.

“Did what?”


To be continued

At high noon today I finished reading about my kin, Willis Augutus Lee.

The Prussian Kingdom of Jerusalem and California

Posted on November 22, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


John G. Precsco

Copyright 2020

While Starfish salivated over the target rifle that Admiral William Augustus Lee used when he won his first gold medal, Victoria took in the old map that was hung on the back of the display. She had seen it before. In her work at the Royal College of Arms, she had seen many old maps that were provided as evidence of a royal or Baronic lineage. Claims to land – played a huge role in owning a title and cote of arms!

Pressing her nose to the glass, Victoria was now nine years old. When she read the name Charles Preuss, she went into a deep trance. She had looked at a dozen copies of this map filed in the College to back up claims for large chunks of California. Taking out her cellphone, she googled John Fremont. Preuss went on four of Fremont’s expeditions and helped map ‘The Oregon Trail’. But why the exploration of California that led to Bear Rebellion? Lee was a Fremont buff.

What are you doing?” asked Starfish who had crept up like a cat and was peering over her lover’s shoulder. How tall she is – and curious – smiled Victoria.

“I’m traveling on the Oregon Trail with Fremont and Pruess. They made that map together.”

All of a sudden Myriam went into a trance, also. She had seen this map on the wall of the trailer she was raised in.

“My parents had a copy of this map. It was behind their altar.”

Victoria was so moved when two tears appear in Starfishes eyes.

“Let’s go to our room.”

Ignoring the painted of Salvador Dali looking on as they went into their Tandem Trance, they worked their laptops like dueling pianists. Their bond had become a contest of the best kind.

“Check out Senator Thomas Hart Benton the alleged author of Manifest Destiny!”

“But John Astor paid Washington Irving to author a book about the trade in Beaver pelts. Benton was Astor’s attorney who bought and them sold the Oregon Territory to the British.”

“Why? Ah-huh! Here we go. The tutor of William Astor was Christian von Bunsen, who was a close friend of Frederick William of Prussia. Bunsen was a member of a society that built German Colonies in Palastine.”

“It looks like they were founding a New Jerusalem!”

“That’s not all.” Myriam said, with a quaking voice. The Prussians were considering buying California for four million dollars from Mexico. My parents knew all about this plan. They claimed the sale was carried out.”

“How do they know this?”

“My mother descends from Ludwig von Roennes.”

“Why isn’t this in your profile?”

“My parents made me promise to tell no one. Roennes had an affair with Susan Benton in Paris while she was married to Baron Boilleu. It was a huge scandal. There was going to be a divorce. Fremont and Baron were accused of a massive railroad fraud. They were set-up by a powerful group – that I suspect killed my parents.”

Myriam’s story trailed off. She turned to look at Victoria who eyes were boring into her brain. For the first time Starfish felt her lover was capable of hurting her.

“You have been using me?”


“We need to take a break!”

As the author of this novel I am not allowed to reveal the deprogramming technique used the BAD to align information with loyal agents in order to weed out a information spy. Due to Synchronicity, valid suspicion arise, or are net of the Road of Knowledge. David Humes discovered this phenonium. An hour later they are on the same page looking at the two lions in front of the New York Public Library.

“The losy Russian Fairytales are inside!” declared Starfish.

“I believe they are German Fairytales! Victoria corrected.

“We were led on a wild-goose-chase! By Mother Goose!”

“Correct. Queen Victoria – is Mother Goose. There is a lion are in her Cote of Arms! Leo Astor, and Leo Lenox! She has a Unicorn. Richard the Lion Hearted went on Crusade. It is alleged Prussia had no colonies. But when you look at Victoria’s family, there is Prussian Royalty everywhere. This Holstein connection is interesting because it appears the people of this land were destined to live in California. Replace the ear with a lion.”

“You just gave me goosebumps!”

“It appears Preuss was a agent for the Prussian Monarchy – who would want to see what they were purchasing!”

“I was named after that red star!”

“What star?”

“On the Californian flag. That bear is named ‘Monarch’. Starfish is the planet Uranus that was discovered 1846. This signaled the Unification of Germany and the beginning of a European Revolution of 1848. Sixty Americans were chosen to go with Emperor Wilhem of Prussia to help found colonies in the Promised Land. My parents had returned from Israel days before the butane tank blew on their trailer. They were studying the Rossetta Stone. They believe it held a code – a clue within a code! They believe this code is associated with……aliens…….How come you are not giving me – a look?”

“Have you heard of the Persian Comet Kings, better known as ‘The Magi’?

Two hours later;

“I know these songs. I was taught to sing them. I can lower my voice. Want to hear? Do you play the piano. Here is the score. There is Dali’s grand piano. I call this The Sleeping Beauty Song, whose name was Rosamond…..The Rose of the World.”

“The sleeping princess in the Rossetta Stone!”

“They were Templer!”

I promised my daughter and grandson a kingdom. This offer is extended to my granddaughter, Ember Dew. Five days ago I posted these links, then took them down.

Prussian Kingdom and Universal Post Office | Rosamond Press

(2) Yoram Chaiter singing Persian song No.9 by Anton Rubinstein – YouTube

“Initially the Templers concentrated on farming – draining the swamps, planting fields, vineyards and orchards, and employing modern working techniques unfamiliar to Palestine (they were the first to market “Jaffa Oranges” – produce from their Sarona settlement near Jaffa).

They operated steam-powered oil presses and flour mills, opened the country’s first hotels and European-style pharmacies, and manufactured essential commodities such as soap and cement – and beer.

In his book The Settlements of the Wuerttemberg Templers in Palestine 1868-18, Prof Alex Carmel of Haifa University observes how the Templers “soon gained a reputation for their skills and their diligence. They built exemplary colonies and pretty houses surrounded by flower gardens – a piece of their homeland in the heart of Palestine”.

Symbols of their fervent religious beliefs are still evident in the Jerusalem neighbourhood where the Templers began to settle in 1873. They named the district Emek Refaim (Valley of Refaim) after a place in the Bible, and verses from the Scriptures, inscribed in Gothic lettering, survive on the lintels of their former homes.

The Templers: German settlers who left their mark on Palestine – BBC News

Antoine Isaac Silvestre de Sacy – Wikipedia

Jean-François Champollion – Wikipedia

Return to the Getty Villa

Posted on December 31, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

I have taken steps to be awarded several grants. A year from now, I hope to have my own room at the Getty Villa where I am allowed to roam freely admiring the art of my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton, and working on my paper and historic masterpiece………..

‘The Doomsday Prophecies of Wealthy Men’

I will be wearing the best headset money can buy with a endless soundtrack from the DaVinci Code, the Phantom of the Opera, and the best of Leonard Cohen. Young scholars will turn their heads as I pass them in halls.

“May the force be with you Professor Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

“Have you saved our planet yet, Obi-Wan?”

“He can’t hear you. He lives in his own world.”

I have also taken steps to receive a grant from the Paul Mellon foundation. Paul is in my rosy family tree via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Warner.  I introduced the Pre-Raphaelites to Christine Rosamond Benton. We are ‘The Last Pre-Raphaelites’.

I just made an offer to be Drew Benton’s Mentor. I can show her how to be a scholar in a year. Above is her mother at the Getty Mansion in New York.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Sir Alec Guinness

“The murals on the J. Paul Getty Museum’s garden walls have been seen by millions of visitors since the Malibu institution opened 20 years ago. But who knew that the artist who painted–and is now restoring–the realistic likenesses of columns, garlands and still-life arrangements is Garth Benton, a third cousin of Thomas Hart Benton? The 53-year-old artist never met his famous relative, an American regionalist painter who rejected modern abstraction and championed a muscular style of realism until his death in 1975. But the younger Benton was turned on to art at the age of 8 when he saw a book of his relative’s paintings, and he occasionally corresponded with the late artist, who spent much of his life in his home state of Missouri.”


In Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, the philosophical emperor Marcus Aurelius makes a wonderful appearance. In this poetic portrayal of the truths of history, Marcus Aurelius (played by Richard Harris) chooses the fictional Maximus as his true spiritual heir, because his errant son Commodus is not a man of virtue as his father is.

The interesting question is whether or not this poetic portrayal is true to the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius or not. Even if the movie is not accurate history, it may still accomplish higher philosophic purposes, as Aristotle noted in his Poetics:

“The distinction between historian and poet is not in the one writing prose and the other verse—you might put the work of Herodotus into verse, and it would still be a species of history; it consists really in this, that the one describes the thing that has been, and the other a kind of thing that might be. Hence poetry is something more philosophic and of graver import than history, since its statements are of the nature rather of universals, whereas those of history are singulars. By a universal statement I mean one as to what such or such a kind of man will probably or necessarily say or do—which is the aim of poetry, though it affixes proper names to the characters; by a singular statement, one as to what, say, Alcibiades did or had done to him.” – (Aristotle, Poetics 6, trans. I. Bywater)

In 1957, Warner married banking heiress Catherine Conover Mellon, the daughter of art collector Paul Mellon and his first wife, Mary Conover, and the granddaughter of Andrew Mellon. By his marriage, Warner accrued substantial capital for investing and expanding his political contacts. The Warners, who divorced in 1973, have three children: Virginia, John Jr, and Mary. His former wife now uses the name Catherine Conover.[2]

John Warner married actress Elizabeth Taylor on December 4, 1976 at the Second Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. They divorced on November 7, 1982. Warner and Larry Fortensky were the last living former spouses of Elizabeth Taylor at the time of her death in 2011. Warner is the last of Taylor’s husbands to survive. Larry Fortensky died on July 7, 2016, at age 64.

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