I Am Candidate For Messiah

I had a discussion with Rozier about the Jews rejecting and killing Jesus because he claimed he was the Messiah – or – a god? Millions of evangelical who voted for Trump believe Jesus – IS GOD! Why would God come to earth via the womb of a Jewish mother – and be a candidate for the Messiah of the Jews – AND FAIL? Surely if he was God – he knew he was going to fail the test – and not be seen as the Messiah of the Jews. However, it looks like some Jews see God as the Messiah. This looks like very poor planning on the part of God Almighty……unless…..He never wanted Jesus to be the Messiah, and, this is a BIG LIE! If TRUE them let’s do a REDO.

I declare myself the candidate for the the Jews in the Nation of Israel, and for the Jews of South Carolina who founded Reformed Judaism. I suspect my Rosamond ancestor knew Francis Salvador.

I alone have a theory that Jesus put forward a claim he was the rightful heir to the throne of David because he descends from David via Boaz and Ruth. This claim is what got learned Jews and the Sanhedrin – ALL SHOOK UP – and why there was hard questioning to see if the Moabite Savior was the real deal – AND QUALIFIED! We now know that Donald Trump is not the Messiah, or, the embodiment of King David. Pat Robertson said Trump is living in a alternate reality and should give it up. Karl Rove laughs at the pretentions.

John Presco

Copyright 2020


In Jewish eschatology, the term mashiach, or “Messiah”, refers specifically to a future Jewish king from the Davidic line, who is expected to save the Jewish nation, and will be anointed with holy anointing oil and rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age.[1][2][5][web 1] The Messiah is often referred to as “King Messiah”, or, in Hebrew, מלך משיח (melekh mashiach), and, in Aramaic, malka meshiḥa.[6] In a generalized sense, messiah has “the connotation of a savior or redeemer who would appear at the end of days and usher in the kingdom of God, the restoration of Israel, or whatever dispensation was considered to be the ideal state of the world.”[web 1]

Messianism “denotes a movement, or a system of beliefs and ideas, centered on the expectation of the advent of a messiah.”[web 1] Orthodox views hold that the Messiah will be descended from his father through the line of King David,[9] and will gather the Jews back into the Land of Israel, usher in an era of peace, build the Third Temple, father a male heir,[citation needed] re-institute the Sanhedrin, and so on.

Jewish tradition of the late, or early post-Second Temple Period alludes to two redeemers, one suffering and the second fulfilling the traditional messianic role, namely Mashiach ben Yosef, and Mashiach ben David.[10][11][12][13][web 2][web 3] In general, the term “Messiah” unqualified refers to “Mashiach ben David” (Messiah, son of David).[web 2][web 3]

Belief in the future advent of the Messiah is one of the fundamental requisites of the Jewish faith, concerning which Maimonides has written: “Anyone who does not believe in him, or who does not wait for his arrival, has not merely denied the other prophets, but has also denied the Torah and Moses, our Rabbi.”[14]

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