Meeting Your Rival Face To Face

Know thy enemy!

Rosamond Press

Poklonskaya made a corresponding statement in an interview with Russian publication RIA Novosti.

“The American President is up to his internal problems, going to the Crimea means to recognize it as Russian. Probably, he is not ripe for this yet. Or the wife doesn’t let him,” Poklonskaya noted.

I am a Historic-fiction writer, and theologian. One is blessed when they get to meet their protagonist…..Face to Face! Jesus was tempted by Satan, face to face, atop the temple. He refused many crowns. Has any alleged Man of God attempted to identify those crowns – and kingdoms? How many crowns has the President of the United States been offered?

The Republican strategy was to keep all those who talked with our President, face to face, from testifying before the elected faces of Congress. The attempt to depict Democrats as a Witches Coven that meets down in a dank basement…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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