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John Presco

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I found an article about Freeing Huey Newton, and Frank Coakley, the father of the old crone up the street who adopted the four Presco Children – but Mark Presco. He already had two mothers and grandmothers – and two fathers. Being the first born, there were many claims laid on him. Much prestige had been lost, and he was the one who could get it all back. He was…….The Chosen One!

“Morgan Spector of SDS said Huey is “being tried as a criminal for his political activities and beliefs.” Meanwhile, D. A. Frank Coakley was asserting that Huey Newton can get a fair trial in Alameda County. According to the Berkeley Gazette, Coakley said “Anyone who says he cannot is impugning the character, honesty and integrity of the people who serve on the juries in this state.” Huey’s supporters began wondering whether the D. A. had been sheltered from the word “racism.”

With the victorious homecoming of Kamala – BACK TO OAKLNAD – the journalist is prepared to cash in his chips! I will sending this blog out of Netlix, HBO, and Showtime to see if they want to do a series about radical Oakland. Whenever Kay Coakley needed to go to the store, she called her father and he sent a squad car. Kay was the old crone up the street who had a bad car accident when she was young. Her father was the District Attorney. We were impressed. In studying this family pic, alas I get it. Grandpa Joe had not children. I suspect he got his nuts shop off in World War One. Vic was his surrogate son, but, he turned out to be a rotten son-of-bitch. So, he claimed Mark. After all he built our grandmother a new home, and took care of that scoundrel. When his mother was in the hospital he rand over to her house and rolled up the very rare Persian carpet Melba owned, and sold it for $5,000 dollars. It was worth $10,000. I suspect Vic had a loan shark on his ass. So, my brother was annointed to be Joe and Melba’s son, the son – they deserved!

Rosemary had something to say about this, and may have staked her claim just before this pic was snapped. This has caused Joe, Melba, and Vic to spread the rumor that I was not Vic’s son, but the son of bastard that Rosemary slept with when she betrayed Joe’s Son. It’s all Rosemary’s fault. she should have never shouted…

“I claim…….JOHN GREGORY!”

This show will depict Christine as a real closeted artist, who is cast in my shadow after the Oakland Museum has bought my masterful work, Melba, Joe, and Vicki. Critics say it is the better than American Gothic by Grant Wood. I got a gallery in the old Victorian offices on 9th and Broadway that I share with the Upstairs Art Gallery run by Rosalie Ritz who illustrated the Huey trial.

GRANDPA JOE’S Gallery is seen as a racist enterprise until a black critic sees that I am making a statement about ‘White Perivale’. This is the first time this term is used. I end up marrying Mary Ann Tharaldsen who lived with Thomas Pynchon in Mexico. Side by side we render radical works of art. We will see real works of pretentious art on the show, that are rendered by a Artist For Hire. I am in constant fear of being exposed as a fraud. Meanwhile, Christine’s hidden art is being smuggled to Paris by the Fang Fang gang. I want to have Ed Howard be in this series, and his night club.

The National White Identity Crisis – was born in Oakland!

Berkeley BarbJuly 12-18, 1968 — Independent Voices (

Kay Coakly and the Cops

Posted on April 28, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Whenever Kay Coakley needed to go to the store, she called her father and he sent a squad car. Kay was the old crone up the street who had a bad car accident when she was young. Her father was the District Attorney. We were impressed.

Frank Coakley Convicts Oakland 7

Posted on January 1, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

The District Attorney of Alameda and Oakland brought charges against anti-war demonstrators, and went after Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement – as well as the Black Panther!In 1967 while taking a bus from L.A. to Oakland I was detained for being a professional Demonstarer and held in a cop room inside the greyhound Station. I was aksed if I was going to the demonstration in Oakland. I told the plain-clothes officer I knew nothing about a demonstration, I live there. This cop took out his truncheon and was going to work me over, when his superior walked in and told him to “Knock it off!”

Coakley was close with Ed Meese and Erl Warren, thus this appears to be a conspiracy headed by the U.S. Government. It is my intent to put all radical and liberal agendas under the umbrella of organized religion due to the holy Jihad being directed from Israel at our Freedoms – and backed by Republican Senators and Congressman who are guilty of Treason!

Call for an investigation of Israeli agents who call for Americans to go to war, whle at the same time they dmeonize the Peace and Freedom Movement. If these religious zealots had been watching the Bankers of the World, then millions of people would not have lost trillions of dollars. What damage to America did those who want Peace and Freedom of Speech, do? Bras were burned. How immodest! A trillion dollars went up in smoke! How obscene!

Jon the Nazarite


JULY 12-18 BERKELEY BARB PAGE 3 SAN Q CONS IN RENEWED RIGHTS FIGHT What can a con do to humanizeCalifornia’s prisons? Whatever .it is, San Quentin’s convicts are going to try again. They plan a show of convict unity on August 3 to move the public and legislature into action to make the State’s pens fit for people. Their purpose is to draw attention to the need for a legislative investigation of the California Department of Corrections (CDC), focusing on the arbitrary power of Adult Authority. Their intent is to be nonviolent, and to break no prison rules.

NEWTON SUPPORT MOUNTS If Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton goes on trial Monday for murder, a large body ofpeople in and outside the courtroom will be showing him their support. While the State is trying to make a case that Huey killed an Oakland cop, the people outside— probably many thousands of them —will demonstrate their belief that the black leader is being victimized by institutionalized white racism, and that Huey should be set free. The courthouse gathering will originate at Merritt College at 9 a.m. At a Wednesday press conference, speakers for Peace and Freedom, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Medical Committee for Human Rights expressed support for Huey. “We will give the courts of Alameda County one chance to show that they are capable of dealing justice to a black man,” P&F organizer Rick Hyland said. “They can do this by setting Huey P. Newton free. There is no other way.” Morgan Spector of SDS said Huey is “being tried as a criminal for his political activities and beliefs.” Meanwhile, D. A. Frank Coakley was asserting that Huey Newton can get a fair trial in Alameda County. According to the Berkeley Gazette, Coakley said “Anyone who says he cannot is impugning the character, honesty and integrity of the people who serve on the juries in this state.” Huey’s supporters began wondering whether the D. A. had been sheltered from the word “racism.” Monday’s demonstration for Huey at the Alameda County Courthouse is being coordinated through the offices of the Black Panther Party (654-2003), Peace and Freedom Movement (549-0690 or 4310383), and Young Socialist Alliance (849-1032). Car pools will leave from Dana and Bancroft in Berkeley at 8:30 People working on the demonstration indicate that volunteers are needed throughout the weekend to help with large-scale publicity, including “heavy leafletting.” The aim of the organizers is as massive a mobilization as possible. On Sunday, July 14, the day before Huey’s trial begins, the Black Panther Party will hold a barbecue See p. 7 IcAYOCLAIMS COP BEAT HIM $500,000 WORTH Attorney Terence Hallinan filed a half-million dollar claim against the city of San Francisco Thursday afternoon as BARB went to press. Hallinan is faulting the city “for retaining a well-known sadist” as a police officer, he told BARB this week. Hallinan was clubbed during the San Francisco State melee in May, by Officer Michael Brady. He took 16 stitches on the left side of his forehead and was charged with battery on a police officer, a felony. Hallinan claims that Brady “has had a running feud with me” over the past four years. He said Brady has testified against him and his clients several times. Meanwhile, Hallinan’s case was bound over in a pre-trial hearing by S. F. Municipal Court Judge John A. O’Kane, Wednesday. Hallinan said he will plead not guilty next week. At the hearing, he said, Brady was not called as a witness. Testifying againt Hallinan were Officer Gutierrez, who knocked down ‘ the girl Hallinan was trying to help when he was beaten, and KGO cameraman Steve Huss. “They’ll put me on trial,” Hallinan said determinedly, “and I’ll put the San Francisco police i on trial.”

by James A. Schreiber The birth was painful and bloody, but .the baby, a mutant, is alive and kicking. The street people have emerged from the Berkeley battle as its most important and lively offspring. The culture of the streets is newly energized by the sting of teargas and the thwack of nightsticks. A true underground, unseen, is taking form. Dozens, scores, perhaps hundreds of persons and small groups are now planning and acting to achieve community liberation — however that community might be defined. Street people are now publishing “Barricade,” a street newspaper/ poster. They are operating a communications center on the streets, at a card table out on The Block where the battle began. Specialized groups are forming to act on matters ranging from providing free food to plans for sabotage. Some are on the surface, some partly submerged, and some, we hear, are small, secret, and tightly knit. One thing all havein common is the view that ten hours of July 4 festivities on Telegraph Avenue at the sufferance of the Berkeley City Council is not the acme of human freedom. The street people we talk with are deliberately non-organization and non-leader individuals who resonate with the original SF Diggers and with the Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers in NY. Labels, for the moment, can identify the Berkeley Commune, the Delaware Affinity Group and the Persian Fuckers as clusters of active, visible street people. Their notion of a commune is not a roof and meals, but a community of people all located under the flailing club, people who will fight in their various ways to throw off the stark and subtle forms of tyranny, USA, late-’60s. One overt form of organization suggested in “Barricade” is a block to block network, of the kind which grew spontaneously several places in Berkeley during the recent siege. Overlapping with such a structure is the currently existing community of specialized clusters with links in various directions, but no central group. Actions and plans now being spread among the people through the street newspaper, quick leaf

lets, and mouth to ear are boycotts of anti-people businesses, crash-pad networks, anti-nark agencies, community control of cops and life-sapces, free medical facilities, recall of Mayor Wallace Johnson, workers cooperatives, individual lawsuits against the city, ‘toppling the university, blocking traffic and dozens of others. If the “Berkeley Commune”— which is also used as the generic term for the whole street-people thing—continues to spread in its present manner, police agencies will find it necessary to send an entire division of new undercover finks, and when they are uncovered the street people plan to publish their pictures and records, and send the information throughout the country via the underground press. The street people are searching for the form, substance, and vocabulary of their immediate and long-range liberation struggle. To begin, in addition to forming groups to bug hell out of the powers who brutalized them, they are calling each other “brother” and ‘’Sister.” __ … Tarmworkers^ COURT FIGHTS END IN WINS Three court victories have been won by the National Farmworkers Organizing Committee in recent ‘days. Two Giumarra goons and i 1 their wives were found guilty of 1 attacking three UFWOC strikers. ‘ They were fined a total of $450 and given suspended jail sentences. In a Bakersfield court, damages of $2,500 were awarded UFWOC organizer Mark Silverman for a beating by Giumarra contractor Valeriano Juarez. Mrs. Rosy Long, a DiGiorgio worker, was awarded $252 in unemployment insurance by court or- . der. The money had been denied her because DiGiorgio claimed she had quit her job. The judge ruled she \ had taken a leave of absence. Nothing could be done with Di- 1 Giorgio unti UFWOC took the case to court. The long strike against Giumarra continues. UFWOC ask you 1 not to buy table grapes, regardless of label. Giumarra, largest grower of table grapes, can get around UFWOC’s boycott by switching la- . bels with other growers, UFWOC 1 warns.

ASK RECALL j OF MAYOR, / DE BONIS Recall fever has hit Berkeley; A group of citizens has informed BARB they will appear before the City Clerk and will present formal notification of intent to legally unseat Berkeley’s Mayor Wallace Johnson and Councilman John De Bonis. “Throw the rascals out!” is the expressed goal of the Berkeley Recall Committee, a group of 12 citizens convened in the aftermath of police violence that turned Berkeley into a stunned and occupied city two weeks ago. The notice is signed by BRC secretary Oliver Kenning. It ennumerates a host of violations of public trust for which the Recall Committee feels the Mayor and the Councilman should be held accountable. The notice charges both men with “negligence” in office, of instigating unwarranted police action resulting in bloodshed and destruction of property, and of depriving citizens of constitutionally guaranteed first amendment rights. The Recall Committee argues that those officials responsible for the police actions of two seeks ago acted in a manner which violates the Civil Rights Act, and suggests these men might “stand trial for breaking oath and violating the rights of the people of Berkeley.” The Recall ax falls most heavily on Councilman DeBonis. A separate page of charges accompanies DeBonis’ notification. It charges DeBonis’ “close-minded, extremist harangues” have served to corrode community relations with Berkeley’s once-esteemed police force. The notice further scores Councilman DeBonis for “having directly instigated the police action of shooting tear gas” into the peaceful gathering assembled on Telegraph Friday night, June 28. Subsequent violations of civil rights and cost to businessmen and property owners are laid to the police “in their efforts to enforce the ruling of a handful of frightened, selfish men … especially Councilman John DeBonis.” The officials notified will have one week to make an argument and the Berkeley Recall Committee will be granted one more week to lodge its argument. Thus, in two weeks petitions may appear. It will be up to the Recall Committee to acquire signatures equivalent to 25% of the voters in the last city election. Mr. Kenning puts the Committee’s goal at 20,000 signatures. A year ago a recall petition was directed against the entire Board of Education. It failed. This latest attempt comes at an auspicious time—1968 appears to be a good year for recalls. Money and volunteers are needed. The Recall Committee hopes to cover the Flatlands, Souths ide and the Co-ops with petitions. Recall Central is 2261 Derby St., Berkeley.

This intent should prevail August 3rd. However, reports from ins ide indicate that the more militant convicts are waiting to see the results of the early August unity day. If the state government does not respond to the peaceful demonstration, the militant cons are re- ; ported ready to launch “guerrilla” Assaults within San Quentin, including the use of gasoline and other flammables. Meanwhile, Warden Louis “Big Red” Nelson continues his efforts to suppress the convicts’ contraband newspaper, “The Outlaw.” Late in June he transfered two inmates to Folsom to complete the deportation of the forbidden paper’s staff. “At last the muckrakers who publish the OUTLAW have been apprehended and sent away,” jeers the July 3, 1968 issue of “The Outlaw,” which arrived in BARB’s mail. “Sorry about that, Big Red, you missed again.” After recent sporadic publication, over 200 copies each of the July 1 and July 3 issues of “The Outlaw” are now being passed Ground inside San Quentin. “Our keepers. . .have started rumors about white plots against the black convicts,” the July 3 “Outlaw” says. “They have started rumors about black plots against the white convicts… “They want to make this prison into a seething cauldron of discontent. Why?? Because they want to have this prison ready to explode into violence at any time THEY want it to. . . .They must provoke us into actions that will show the public and the legislators that we are Mad Dogs. “Why?? Because we are now threatening to put an end to the CDC pork barrel.” The cons’ underground paper goes on to express confidence that people on the outside will show massive support at the San Quentin walls, as they did during the February 15 Convicts Unity Holiday this year. The Unity demonstration then escalated onto a nearly-total strike when the custodial staff attempted to interfere with the peaceful nowork protest inside. Since that strike, free citizens have been talking with legislators about the need for basic changes in the Adult Authority and other agencies of the CDC. “Our cause is bigger than San Quentin!” the outlaw paper says. “Our cause includes every man in prison in Calif! Our cause includes every man on parole! Our cause includes every manthatwill be sent to prison in California!” Although formal arrangements are difficult to make, the cons evidently rely on solid support from the streets. “On that day BEFORE UNITY DAY/AUGUST 3rd, our outside support will focus attention of the public onto our reasonable righteous request. They will show that all we want is an investigation of the convicts complaints that have been raised about the CDC and the Adult Authority. “They will show the public and legislators that we know the right way to get an investigation of our complaints. And then on UNITY DAY/AUGUST 3rd our outside support will return to the front gate of See p. 19

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