Rejecting Mary’s Nazarite Mother

I sent my daughter an e-mail calling for peace and mutual empowerment. No response as yet. Like her mother, Heather denies me the right all grandfathers-fathers enjoy. THIS IS AN ELECTION VIA A REJECTION! I was a Nazarite – old in years – when I heard I AM A FATHER! If being REJECTED is proof of a historical existence, then being UNBORN by the child you gave life – is an election. Why would evidence Jesus was a Nazarite – be concealed? I considered myself to be a Johannite Knights Templar – before I knew I had a daughter. I get to believe – what I choose to believe! Mormons believe in things all evangelicals do not believe in.

John ‘The Nazarite’

Johannine literature – Wikipedia

Joachim – Wikipedia

Secrets of the Knights Templar: The Knights of John the Baptist

Soon after the Knights Templar founded their order in the Holy Land in 1118 AD they assimilated into a very ancient gnostic tradition and lineage known as the Johannite Church, which had been founded by St. John the Baptist more than a thousand years previously. The ruling patriarch of this ancient tradition when the Templar Order first formed was Theoclete.

The Johannites and St. John the Baptist

Theoclete met the first Templar grandmaster, Hughes de Payens and then passed the mantle of his Johannite authority to him. Hughes de Payens thus became John #70 in a long line of gnostic Johannites (the “Johns”) that had begun with John the Baptist and included: Jesus, John the Apostle, and Mary Magdalene. John was not just a name, but also an honorific title meaning “He of Gnostic Power and Wisdom.” It is related to the Sanskrit Jnana (pronounced Yana), meaning “Gnosis.”  

In Christian tradition

The story of Joachim, his wife Anne (or Anna), and the miraculous birth of their child Mary, the mother of Jesus, is told for the first time in the 2nd century apocryphal infancy-gospel the Gospel of James (also called Protoevangelium of James). Joachim is a rich and pious man, who regularly gave to the poor. However, at the temple, Joachim’s sacrifice was rejected, as the couple’s childlessness was interpreted as a sign of divine displeasure. Joachim consequently withdrew to the desert, where he fasted and did penance for 40 days. Angels then appeared to both Joachim and Anne to promise them a child.[2]

Joachim later returned to Jerusalem and embraced Anne at the city gate, located in the Walls of Jerusalem. An ancient belief held that a child born of an elderly mother who had given up hope of having offspring was destined for great things. Parallels occur in the Old Testament in the case of Hannah, mother of Samuel,[3] and in the New Testament in the case of the parents of St John the Baptist.

Chapter Four–The History of Anna, The Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary (

I Am Joaquim – Risen From The Dead

Posted on March 27, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press



But they vowed, if God should favour them with any issue, they would devote it to the service of the Lord; on which account they went at every feast in the year to the temple of the Lord 1

When I began to study the Torah in 1988, I would close my eyes and find myself walking on McClure’s Beach. I would come to the cave my friends and I had stood in back in 1965. The sun is setting. At the back of the cave is the Tree of Life – filled with the cosmos! I would sit before it in the sand that sparkled like the Milky Way. Then, they came, the Monsters After The Light. I and God put up a barrier at both ends of the beach. In horror I watched them pile up against this Glass of God, their faces twisted, and full of grotesque lust for want of  The Light of God. I identified these creatures as evangelical leaders who were entering politics, they coming in the back door to feed on the Tree of Life and grow powerful. As a Nazarite after Samson and John the Baptist, I have kept them at bay.

Above are the images of Joaquim and Anna holding the infant Mary, mother of Jesus. They have taken the Oath of the Nazarite because Anna was barren and could not conceive. Her womb had been shut, and is opened by God. This is the definition of ‘Virgin Birth’. This has nothing to do with the breaking of hymen. Joseph will have intercourse with Joaquim’s daughter, but, her womb has been shut – as was her cousin’s – Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. What we have here is a lineage of Nazarites! I am a Nazarite.

Today is Easter Sunday. I will not hear from any member of my family. Yesterday I found a family art show I was not invited to. It was held by Stacey Simons-Pierrot who titles herself “custodian”. She reads from her ghost writers book ‘The Book of Drunks’ by Julie Lynch ‘The Parasite’. My niece, Drew Benton was there. She did not attend her mother’s funeral. Vicki Presco told me she has no fond feelings for Christine Rosamond, whose name is misspelled. To her credit, Drew shows her art for the first stunt. But, in my opinion, she should be hooked up to a Lie Detector and quizzed about her mother’s death. Why haven’t we heard her account? Is she protecting her late father, Garth Benton – who may have dropped Drew off at Rocky Point?

Was my daughter, Heater Hanson, there? She is her mother’s Immaculate Conception born to meet Rosamund one day, and inherit the gauntlet of Fame. Heather un-born me when she disappeared from my life when she was seventeen so she could be with my family. She told my aunt that her unborn child was going o be name after her Lily-Rose. All this is not supposed to hurt me, because I am not fully human. They believe I lost my humanity when I got caught up in a sibling rivalry with a word famous – female artist. Yesterday I wrote an open letter to Michael Dundon, where I set the record straight. These Liars break the Oath of the Nazarite by getting near a dead body, and by having the fake custodian read drunken stories to Christine’s and my daughter.

I have been elected by their exclusion!

She shall, according to your vow, be devoted to the Lord from her infancy, and be filled with the Holy Ghost from her mother’s womb; 3

11 She shall neither eat nor drink anything which is unclean, nor shall her conversation be without among the common people, but in the temple of the Lord; that so she may not fall under any slander or suspicion of what is bad.

Several days ago I told Marilyn about seeing a flying saucer on the horizon of the sea – after I saw God. He was sitting on a rock with one foot in the water, and the other on the sand. This ship is His Ark. He is coming to take His Children home. The first to board will be my Foundling-Child, Amy Sargent, who called me “Daddy” and wished I was in her home for Easter Sunday Dinner. I was not going to reveal anything this day, until she called me a father. I am no longer an orphan!

The Fatherhood of Joaquin, his been rubbed out, disappeared, all but forgotten. This morning, The Father of Mary Rose of the Word’…….came out if his cave! The countdown has begun! My Zulu Nazarites gather on the Mount to behold Elijah and his Chariot of Fire. Until the Ninth Judge is chosen, God Himself fills the vacancy! Repent!


‘The Nazarite

He also established a yearly pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Nhlangakazi, an event that was central to the Nazarites.

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