Is There A Historical Jesus?

Millions of Christians choose to be this question is attacking their faith, and will launch a counter-attack if given the opportunity. Here is a Wikipedia treatment – that needs to be challenged – and changed! If all they got is documentary evidence, then, if these documents are CONFLICTING. UNTRUE, and, INCOMPLETE, then in theory Jesus is a work of fiction. No matter how many millions of votes Jesus got -via Trump – there is no vote on documentary evidence. For years I have calling on a mock trial of Paul, the confessed murderer of thousands of Christians. I contend Paul is a liar – and never hurt anyone. He never called for the stoning of Saint Stephan. Why did Paul lie? I believe he did so to own HISTORY on his fake version of Jesus. Paul and Trump are like twins.

John the Baptist – WAS REAL! This is why I follow him. Everything he taught, Jesus taught. There is no evidence Jesus was crucified. There exist no real evidence as to why the Jews wanted him dead.

John ‘The Nazarite’

Historical Jesus – Wikipedia

There is no physical or archaeological evidence for Jesus; all existing sources are documentary. The sources for the historical Jesus are mainly Christian writings, such as the gospels and the purported letters of the apostles. All extant sources that mention Jesus were written after his death. The New Testament represents sources that have become canonical for Christianity, and there are many apocryphal texts that are examples of the wide variety of writings in the first centuries AD that are related to Jesus.[32] The authenticity and reliability of these sources have been questioned by many scholars, and few events mentioned in the gospels are universally accepted.[33]

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