The Honorable Fortune Cookie

William Buck died young. He owned Anchor Brewery in San Francsisco that went belly up. Bill translated two books on Krishna. His kin, Leonard Buck, may have nurdered a woman. We are now on the Orient Expresss leaving reality as we knew it – behind! I have placed a Trojan Horse in front of the Buck Foundation Palace. I lay hidden, waiting to see if the Immortalist get tricked. This is it, the final act and instalment. Ancient souls are fleeing the labyrinth as Trump-Bull bellows about this freedom land….”I’ve been cheated out of my birthright!”

Rosamond Press


Ben Westhaven’s silent partner in Tibet, was an Englishman who had become involved in the election of the next Dali Lama who the Chinese Communist considered assassinating. It looked like the Lama, his family and court – along with a thousand monks – may have to flee Tibet! But, where would they go? America would be ideal. But, what about the WASPs? America’s established Protestants would not tolerate a foreign religious sect setting up shop in the land that Ben Franklin made. We’re talking about 10,000 Tibetans – for starters! San Francisco would be ideal because there was already acceptance for people of the Asian race, as long as they made money, didn’t marry their daughters, and stayed off the doll Oh, and no begging!

Fenwick Purvis came up with a brilliant plan. He would secretly found a company that would make a product American Citizens would be come addicted to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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