Killing Off James Bond

There’s been a harmonic convergence on the level of Synchronicity. Two days ago I watched the series ‘Queen’s Gambit’ where a six year old orphan becomes the surrogate daughter of THE JANITOR. Did the author peek at this blog? Did THE REPLACEMENT that Stacey Pierrot hired as a ghost writer….get inspired by my script….and do her Dark Disease Magic with another woman alcoholic? Alcohol Justice should help me confront the misuse of alcohol in the motion pictures. I have Mryian Starfish Christling flip out after having a bottle of Zig Zag beer. 

Three days after Christine Rosamond’s funeral I went into a trance and had visions of her surrounded by very powerful men. Standing next to my mother at the funeral, a man approached, paid his respects to me, then gave me a dirty look.

“Did you see the look he gave you?” asked Rosemary.

“How could I miss it!”

“He’s a very rich and powerful man!” said my mother, with a tint of warning.

I wondered is this was the husband of Sandy Green, who flew about in his Lear jet. I wondered if he knew Robert Brevoort Buck who own Monterey Air. When someone on the board of the Buck Foundation, quit, when wealthy Arabs got on the board, I wondered if this Foundation had been turned into a……BANK….a offshore bank. 

I am going to start a story called ‘The Replacement’ 

Synopsis: A drunken female hack artist in Carmel falls in with wealthy people and is shown a deep dark secret. When the IRS threatens to put her half-baked bohemian-ass in the Fed lock-up, she starts writing a book where-in she blames all around her. She is invited to a party in a gothic house by the sea. When she comes in the front door, she knows she will never exit that door.

Her story is picked up by quick-buck bio beasts. The group in the background create a facsimile, and dead body double. Some old fans think they saw walking around gallery row. She was drunk. The cops hauled her away.  She attends a AA meeting, and says;

“Hi! My name is Loremund, and, I’m an alcoholic!”

And old geezer with fifty years, squints his eyes…and is about to object, when Loremund gives him………THE LOOK

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Le Royale Rouge Dragon | Rosamond Press

The Queen’s Gambit | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

The Queen’s Gambit (miniseries) – Wikipedia

Rouge Dragon Pursuivant – Wikipedia

Starfish Drinks Zig Zag Beer

Posted on August 20, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

I debated about Miriam Starfish using force to put down Maximorphius, the cook and owner of ‘The Bum’s Rush’ bistro in Eugene. My subconscious altered the name of Max’s Tavern, which is around the corner from The Bum’s Rush. Miriam Starfish almost skewers Professor John Bond, a name that is a conjunction of John Dee and James Bond, I just discovered. She has a love-hate relationship with John (played by me) who give a lecture on the Habsburg painting and – the Division of the Roses! What!!!!!!! I have yet to write that lecture – that is now the key to my book!

The Bum’s Rush is now going to have a house band ‘The Scunnered’. They are Scottish Wanna-bes who dress like Scottish Pirates. Their chief is McHook. In truth they are Russian Army officers trying to kidnap Phil Knight and replace his tennis shoes on the world market with a Russian brand. Bad Boys will be Bad Boys, but, their mission is changed after coming in contact with Victoria Bond.

Myriam Starfish goes berserk after drinking one bottle of Zig-Zag Beer. After the lecture she got her hair done on 13th. John Bond had altered her life, but, did not want him to know it. She never had a mentor before. She wanted to get rid of her old fashioned look. She felt she had graduated. She wanted to put her savage ways behind her.

My first message and lesson to Yulia Rose got me banned from her Instagram.

“You are much more beautiful with your mouth, shut. Don’t overdo that cutesy bee-stung lip thing. It looks like your catching flies! You’re a woman, not a toddler.”

Rosamond Press

FELICE BEATO c. 1870 in JAPAN. They have TRADITIONAL TOP KNOTs and are heavily tattooed in the sujibori style. Although the Yazuka adopted body tattooing around this same time-(the Edo-Meija Era)this image is meant to portray a pair ‘typical types’.

Well, I had breakfast, and, I tuned in my golf  program, picked up my pad and read there was a plan to kill off Bond, just like I was killed off in the Bond fan club, by Chas Cunningham. I just mentioned I fear for my life. The model for the new Bond is Dr. Who. There is “regeneration”. The head of Serenity Lane where I got sober, suggested I am a “walk-on”. I suspect Liz is too. We have a Doctor Dee hanging about our Rose Tree. My posts on Symmetry are a equation for Time Travel.  If Liz read her obituaries, then her walk-on is from the future…

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