I Didn’t Have THE SIZZLE!

Above is a pic of Julie Lynch who was hired as a ghost writer by Stacey Pierrot to write a screenplay about my late sister, the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’. Julie wrote the text in the book of Rosamond’s complete works, also. This blond bombshell has got THE SIZZLE that Vicki Presco and Stacey did not have. She is the embodiment of Rosamond, and the replacement of Shannon and myself. A false police report was made, and the adult Heir was thrown in prison. My newfound seventeen year old daughter was enticed by The Sizzle Team, and she disappeared from my life for two years. I think Julie was chosen from a stable of hack writers because she wrote this fictional story of a female artist who is drinking herself to death. I think she gets a disease, thus the title;


Rosamond fans just ate this book up. Alas we hear what happened to my nieces, the children of…….THE DARK DRUNK ARTIST.

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water – clutching a bottle!”

Ha! Ha! Just kidding! It’s so much fun fucking with Dead Drunks!

Trailer for GETTING OFF – YouTube

Julie Lynch – Sexpot | Rosamond Press

When You Close Your Eyes: Snyder, Tom: 9780972517508: Amazon.com: Books

Julie Lynch Lies For Pierrot | Rosamond Press

Six months after my sister became world famous, Ira Kaplan (Cohen) told my mother he was interested in seeing my art work. Being a serious artist, I knew Ira was exploiting artist who sold their soul to the devil. Tom Snyder says Ira had a stable of sixty artists under contract. This is a Art Factory. Christine Rosamond Presco successfully sued Ira to stop him from putting her images on sheets, tote bags, and other notions – the very things Stacey Pierrot said she was going to put my dead sister’s images on. Pierrot, and her best friend, Jacci Belford, knew all about THE SIZZLE. These artists doe not add Ira Roberts Gallery to their vita. They are ashamed. I wrote letters to Superior Court Judge, begging him to not let OUR FAMILY RECOVERY be sold to, and used by Ira wanna-bes who were swooping down on my dead relative like vultures, they insanely driven by the belief Rosamond’s images are going to SOAR IN VALUE!


Around 1982, my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn Reed, took three of my paintings to Ira’s gallery, and showed them to him. He told her they were “too surreal” and if I could “tone them down” we would sign a contract. I told M..

“He wants me to paint like Christine so he can promote us a siblling act!”

It never occurred to me he wanted to USE ME as back-up, just incase Rosamond drinks herself to death – or kills herself! You are going to read how my sister’s sobriety is used as back-up SIZZLE just incase the movie producers is not buying the Dead Artist Sale bullshit – along with a Death Scene that does not compute! I talked about ‘The Crossing’ with Christine, and she told me this is how she dealt with Bill’s death. I did not tell her Bill’s sister and I believed is was a suicide. This is a very surreal image. Ira would have rejected it – and Christine knew it! This is what she wanted me to see, and, rule…..Rosamond is not just another HACK ARTIST! Ira beheld my angel.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

To the Board of Alcohol Justice;

Andrew Cuomo went after Lawrence Chazen, like you did. Chazen is a partner in PlumpJack and owns three restaurants in Carmel, that make a profit selling booze. Chazen, along with Bill Newsom, were tax consultants for Getty. Chazen was a CEO of Nobel Oil and put them in Rougemont Switzerland to avoid paying taxes. Does Paul Pelosi know all this? Chazen was my sister’s partner in her first Carmel gallery, and our father’s private lender that the District Attorney was trying to get the name of. Chazen tried to become executor of my famous sisters estate. The probate Judge nixed that idea because he was the number one creditor. My recovery book was thwarted because I was going to reveal the idea that my sister’s prints were used as a tax right-off . The IRS was investigating the Bentons. The bootlegger, Al Capone, went to prison for tax evasion. They made a movie about Paul Getty, who is the sister of Ailene Getty, who married the son of my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who almost died of alcoholism. Your organization is now being discussed on my blog. Do you have any input?

My Letter To Andrew Cuomo | Rosamond Press

“Ira was no stranger to advertising or the fundamental principle that it is the sizzle that sells, not the steak. In addition to the meticulous quality of Christine’s work, and a deft touch with her subjects eyes, Ira perceived a sense of moment in the drawings – not feminist, but extremely feminine and therefor in tune with the times. And he saw in her style the sizzle.

Ira Kaplan recalls some of the difficulties in managing a new talent. “Sometimes an artist would stray too far from the style that was selling” Ira Explains. “and my job was to work with them and keep their art marketable. So we didn’t always accept a painting and artists can have problems with rejection. Anyway, Christine and I spoke. It looked like she would be able to do the kind of work we wanted and we signed a contract with her. But it took several visits to her appartment in West LA before she could deliver a painting to our gallery on Robertson in Beverley Hills. It was important that she amplify the style we had seen at the the show. She was very nervous about that, and very difficult to work with.. Several times when I went to her appartment she was drunk, or more often, high, and she just wasn’t painting. She couldn’t. But after the first few paintings, Christine realized that she was going to be accepted, and she started to straighten out – a little bit. It took awhile,

The way our business worked is that we would represent an artist exclusively, send their work out to galleries and shows, and exhibits to help promote it. In the process we would learn which pieces drew the most interest, then publishing those as prints. One of the hardest thing in the world to do is keep an artist producing what sells.

Artists feel very limited when asked for the same kind of work. They get bored doing the same subject matter. It feels like manufacturing to them and they begin to feel like they are selling out. But, when they deviate from what buyers like about their work, it doesn’t sell. So we had to stay with what the marketplace wanted.”

Giving Tuesday is now Giving Wednesday.

Enya- Angels – YouTube

Executor Sydney Morris & Art Forgery | Rosamond Press

Christina’s World – Wikipedia

Angels, answer me,
Are you near if rain should fall?
Am I to believe
You will rise to calm the storm?
For so great a treasure words will never do.
Surely, if this is,
Promises are mine to give you.
Mine to give Here, all too soon the day!
Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.
I should know
Heaven has her way
Each one given memories to own. Angels, all could be
Should you move both earth and sea
Angels, I could feel
All those dark clouds disappearing Even, as I breathe
Comes an angel to their keep.
Surely, if this is
Promises are mine to give you.
Mine to give

Producing What Sells

Posted on December 1, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

This is from the evil book that Tom Snyder published with the held of Buck, Heisnger, Rose, and Morris. I will send this letter to Alcohol Justice. Scroll past the photos of my grandson being toasted by Flip, the lover of my daughter’s aunt. His puffy eyes is the result of heavy drinking. This guy is an ex-bartender who probably hasn’t been sober one day – for years! My grandson is being used to give Flip – hope! As my special needs Trustee, Heather Hanson did not call me – once- when I underwent radiation treatment for my prostate cancer. I guess I didn’t have “The Sizzle”.

Governor Newsom: Don’t Let Your Wine Interests Trump Your Ethics – Alcohol Justice

Alcohol Justice – Wikipedia

Dear Sirs;

My name is John G. Presco. I am the Prisident of Royal Rosamond Press. Today is Giving Tuseday, and I donated to your cause – once more. However, I am giving you a greater gift. You have an opportunity to right a great injustus. Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.

I am the brother of the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, and cousin of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor whose son married a Getty. We are kin to the famous artist, Augustus John, and the author Ian Fleming. I am authoring a Bond novel – with out Martinis. My ex-wife lived in Marin, and with the author, Thomas Pynchon. Mary Ann was good friends of Richard Farina, who married Mimi Baez, who lived in Marin. Christine married the muralist, Garth Benton, and is kin to the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, and the Senator by that name – who bid his son-in-law, John Fremont to map the West. He was the first to free slaves, and was the first Republican Presidential candidate. In your lawsuit you brought PlumpJack, I am kin to many of the stock holders. Jessie Fremont and her sister owned salons in San Francisco and Paris. Mark Twain and John Muir took part.

Lawrence Chazen was a partner in Christine’s first gallery in Carmel. He tried to become executor of Rosamond’s estate. But, being the number one creditor, a judge did not approve. As fate would have it, the law firm of Buck, Heisinger, Rose, and Morris handled the Estate of one of the highest paid artists in history. Sydney Morris all but destroyed this literary and artistic dynasty by selling ‘The Family Recovery’ to an outsider who hired a terrible ghostwriter who was not in AA. Tom Snyder promised me he would not use Christine and my recovery in his book. My sister in AA drowned on her first sober birthday. I have thirty-three years of sobriety. Liz Taylor almost died due her abuse of alcohol and pills.

Did you see the movie ‘Big Eyes’. It is about the Keane family. My uncle was friends with Margaret and Walter. He owned two of THEIR paintings – that I am aware. There was a famous legal battle over who did these paintings. Jim Bigalow owned Sam’s Anchor Cafe where more alcohol has been consumed – then in all of Marin. A year ago I began to read ‘When You Close Your Eye’ that was published in 2003 years before Big Eyes. I was shocked and appalled. This book put me in therapy. Two days ago I read the account of how my sister got rich and famous. Throughout this book, Christine is depicted as insanely out of control, drunk, on drugs, and delusional. Snyder claims Ira Kaplan only cheated her out of $50,000 dollars a year, and not the millions Rosamond claimed. Snyder offers much evidence that Rosamond was just a hack commercial artist – whose style was developed and controlled by her HANDLER. Is Snyder fulfilling the Last Wishes of this struggling woman artist who had many adoring fans? Did they need to know about the alleged family incest? Why not a nice story – and movie – as Morris called for in his Probate? The idea was to give NEW SIZZLE to a waning interest in Rosamond images. I have heard from Rosamond fans. and they are shocked and dismayed;

“What happened to Christine’s daughters?”

Many fans wanted to know what their prints and lithographs were worth. Lithographs were sold using the hype Rosamond – was not a hack artist. These words below, are the greatest insult to fans of art, and lovers of Rosamond. They are treated like – hogs to the slop. To top it off, Snyder and Buck put my bother in charge – from the shadows. He wanted me to include his racist rant in my autobiography.

A month ago, I found Marin Ship Mates that is a all black Navy born of the blacks who were lured to Marin City to work on Liberty ships. Four days ago I saw white folks marching in Marin in support of Black Lives Matters. Would they shed tears for Rosamond who was put in a stable of sixty other artists, and tole to get to work? This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DISGRACE and INJUSTICE. Christine did a painting of our black maid – and her sisters! Knowing my sister had a alcohol and drug problems, Ira cracked the whip and demanded Rosamond produce one painting a week – for a year! Sane employers upon owning evidence their employee is suffering from a disease, would bid her to seek help, and, after she has six months of sobriety, sign a new contract. Did Ira need the money? Was his plan – to suck my sister dry – and toss her?

In 1992 I began my self-help book ‘Bonds With Angels’. Christine drowned in 1994. Vital facts were hidden, such as a party was planned at Rocky Point. My sixteen year old daughter came into my life, and she was lured from me in hope of being in the book and the movie. I was not told my father was dead, and my mother was dying. I was not going to be told my other sister was dead. Hear is my grandson in a bar being toasted by a drunk who refused to shake my hand. He died six months later. Carrie Fisher is in my family tree. Self-help books are written by those who suffer and contain hope and resolve. Destroying the surviving artist, was part of the plan made before the funeral. My family hated our sobriety. My mother hinted it was suicide. I have not seen my grandson in ten years, after my daughter’s lover called me a “parasite” for being on SSI due to my diseases. My mental healthy has suffered from family abuse – like the famous Rosamond who was seeing two psychiatrist when she died. Being exploited by members of my family, and lovers and friends, did not help her recover from the damage Ira Kaplan did, and the damage Sydney Morris did. He suggested to me on the phone I was trying to exploit my sister by writing a Murder Mystery like the one he says he read. It is about a man who took his wife to the edge of the sea to takes pics – and shoved her in. What he is saying, is, Ira Kaplan -rejected me – and I am bitter.


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

The Guardian Angel AA Coin


Angel Front
Angel Back

The Guardian Angel AA Coin

During the years of my active addiction in drinking there was no room in my thinking for the idea of supernatural beings that were sent to intervene in the lives of human beings.  Something like The Guardian Angel AA Coin might as well have been placed right beside Smurfs and Transformers, imaginary.  Yet, certain time after being sober and taught to listen and watch I began to think a bit differently.  And today after 12 years, 11 months and 16 days of continuous recovery from alcoholism I have quite a different view.  I believe in angels.  Many spiritual experiences later my ability to deny that something was going on outside of my physical ability to sense things began to become clear and understandable.  And in my alcoholic thinking I suppose I thought I might figure out how one works so that I could seek to use it to my benefit!  Yeah,  that didn’t quite pan out either.

The Guardian Angel AA coin serves as a wonderful reminder that God is at work in the lives of those that have turned to God.  The Guardian Angel AA Coin is in a classification of AA Coins known as Affirmation Coins.  They are used to reaffirm the recovering alcoholic along their journey of certain truths that are important on the journey.

The Guardian Angel AA Coin features an intricately designed angel on the front appearing with the circle triangle symbol that is synonymous with recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.  The powerful reminder in large type on the reverse proclaiming “Guardian angel at my side to light and guard to rule and guide”.  These beautiful coins are offered in bronze as well as a stunning Tri-plate version.  These make a wonderful gift of encouragement to men and women in recovery from any addiction or affliction.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.01.28 PM

Long before I ever understood the concept behind the host of heaven my sponsor acted plainly as a guardian angel in my recovery from alcoholism.  He was someone watching over my recovery from day to day and helping me to avoid pit falls and traps that I could not see nor understand were a danger to me.  One day maybe I will order one of these triplated versions to honor his hard work in helping me grow up in AA.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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