Trump’s ‘Whites Only’ Mall

Here is my prophetic post made seven days after Trump won.

Rosamond Press

billbeerfingconfederateflagrickperr22“Everything that America deplores in Washington today is what the Confederacy fought against.”

“The liberals feel they are on a roll, having trashed states’ rights by railroading compulsory acceptance of homosexual marriage through the Supreme Court. Now, they feel, is the time to airbrush out of history every tradition that is an obstacle to their new, rootless, alien society based on intolerant political correctness. The epitome of everything they detest and fear is the Confederate Flag, so that is now the target of a hate campaign so fanatical and irrational as to seem barely sane.”

What you just read came from a writer for Breitbart. Because of my family history, I can DESTROY every evil idea these Rebel Devils – RAISE! Trump is raising a hateful victory flag with every appointment to his cabinet. The Trumpsters have declared war on half of America, and they hope you don’t notice – until its too late.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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