The German Garden

Here is the Prussian Kingdom of California as it began to become visible. How many of my kin -and others -thought me mad?

Rosamond Press

The German Garden

In our last conversation Vicki told me Mark was calling her up and giving her long lectures – with a quiz at the end! She told me she could not take it any more, and it made her head hurt. Vic would do the same thing. She wanted to have a sane relationship with me, but, she and Mark had blessed Stacey Pierrot who got her daddy to buy Rosamond’s legacy that was failing. They allowed what I began, to be sold to an ungifted LIAR, a insane outsider. Mark was threatening to disappear himself if Vicki did not get his neo-Nazi racist rant, right! I believe my evil brother contributed to Vicki’s condition. She had lost me, and now was stuck with that dark Nazi MONSTER! It was a living nightmare!

For years I have been blogging on the title my father’s secretary gave him ‘Vic…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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