Left At Moab

Casey Farrell and I have been talking about taking our radio show, public. For years we have had hour long conversations (and longer) that are otherworldly. They started in 1997 when I was living in the Kinkaid alley a block from the campus. I met Casey in a coffee shop on 13th. He might have drawn me THE MAP that showed the migration of the White Race. I wondered if I was talking to a Nazi. He talked about the White Goddess and I Claudius. Years later he was pushing his idea about The Green Swastika which was a way to ESTEEM WHITE PEOPLE THE RIGHT WAY. I had become a theologian just to STOP the advance of the Christian-right into politics. Put these two studies together and you get THE FOUR TRUMP YEARS – that may not be at an end. Trump has praised militias, some of them with a Christian base. Some carry flags with a Swastika. Casey and I are not neo-Nazis, nor the head of a gang-like militia. But, that might all change after finding out there was a Japanese Interment Camp just outside of Moab Utah where “The Troublemakers” were held prisoner. When I read this I thought of the motorcycle gang in Pynchon’s movie ‘Inherent Vice’ and the Hell’s Angels that Kesey brought to his home in La Honda.

I’m going to make a presentation to Netflix and HBO for a reality show. The producers will purchase this duplex in Moab that will be occupied by THE BRAIN TRUST that will conduct their radio show here. Last night we talked about Jake Fienberg being our competition. What should we do about him. How do we get THE NUT. I told Casey we sound like the characters in Sexy Beast trying to break into a bank. We have been searching for a BRAND NEW MEDIA. I made an offer to Jake this morning. Let me up the ante. I am going to invite Japanese Americans to found the American Branch of the Bosozoku, that will see Bohemian Poet, Joaquin Miller, and his Japanese Guests, as their Leaders. The Japanese Government, and the Emperor, sent a Samurai to California to meet Miller and his gang of Japanese Poets. This motorcycle club will be made up of poets and artists.

When I searched Zillow for a house for THE BOHEMIAN EGG-HEADS this house was the first that was shown. I was blown away! This is Kismet. John Ford made movies nearby. I thought about the movie Pink Flamingos and Edward Scissorhands. These cement paths that block off the area is out on Mon Uncle. Consider that Oregon town that was taken over by cultist who wore this color. This is not a series about the take over a town. This will be the REAL DEAL. The Kesey family – should have taken over Eugene.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

(3) Tati mon oncle extrait 01 – YouTube

(3) Wild Wild Country | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix – YouTube

164 S 300 E #E-1, Moab, UT 84532 – MLS 1685333 – Coldwell Banker (coldwellbankerhomes.com)

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com>To:Casey FarrellThu, Nov 26 at 7:08 PMI think we got a netflix series. Two old lefties intellectual geezers retire in Moab and start a radio show. It all here. The Christian wanted to change the towns name to Vina because the Moabites were Sodomites. The native want the Mosquito meaning to prevail. There has been trouble brewing her for years. All they needed was a soap box for the vox populi. Annie Slinger iraon her husbands clother to our show on the Green Swastika;
“Today we are going to interview the inventor of The Green Swastika – Spooky Noodles. “

Moab, Utah – Wikipedia

(3) Revisiting the Glory Days With One of Japan’s Most Violent Biker Gangs – YouTube

One Legendary Party: The Hell’s Angels and the Merry Pranksters Meet at Kesey’s | Fear and Loathing in the Counterculture (wordpress.com)

Welcome to the Family

Known in Japanese as bosozoku (commonly translated as a de facto term for Japanese motorcycle gangs), these groups of young men were obsessed with breaking away from the conformity that held sway (and still holds sway today) in Japanese society, while maintaining a strong nationalistic pride.

The bosozoku rose from the ashes of Word War II’s kamikaze pilots, men who were trained to fight in aircraft and die honorably for the sake of their country. Near the end of the war, a large number of men were trained with this mindset, but were never actually sent out on any missions. After Japan’s unconditional surrender in 1945, these trained but never tested kamikaze pilots had trouble readjusting to post-war society.

With the occupation of Japan by American forces during the latter half of the 1940s and ’50s, many elements of America’s motorcycle and greaser culture leaked into Japanese society. The men who would eventually go on to form bosozoku already had an interest in machinery from their training in the war, all that was left was claiming a style.

Courtesy of Flickr

The early gangs borrowed heavily from the greaser aesthetic of denim and greased pompadour hairstyles, but as the decades wore on, the bosozoku gangs began to take on a look and attitude all their own. And while American motorcycle culture was its stylistic influence, the bosozoku were always steeped in a strong sense of yamato-damashii, or “Japanese spirit.” This translation only barely scratches the surface of the context behind the phrase. It’s something that is not easily understood by non-Japanese, holding a certain je ne sais quoi that is pretty much impossible to translate.

The Rise and Fall of the Bosozoku

During the 1980s, the National Police Agency of Japan estimates that membership for bōsōzoku gangs were more than 40,000 nationwide. They were everywhere, not only major cities but also scattered across the countryside. They also frequently clashed with normal citizens and police, causing noise violations with their heavily modified rides, damaging property, and sometimes resorting to full-scale riots.

A whole host of old footage can be seen in this short documentary on the bosozoku by Vice. Members frequently clashed violently with police and rival gangs. For many of the young men who joined, a rite of passage was being beaten to a pulp by elder gang members. It’s a world that seems so disconnected from the country that is currently gearing up to welcome an influx of foreign tourists

The Pseudo History of Kissy Suzuki

Posted on August 27, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Kissy Suzuki married James Bond and had a child by him. There is no history for this child. Because Ian Fleming is in my family tree, I will provide this history and genealogy. I would like to reborn the Japanese artists and poets in a series of movies about ‘The Royal Janitor’. There may be a conflict with the families of these people, and thus I may have to change the names.

Victoria Bond’s great, great, great Grandfather is Takeshi Kanno who became a fovorite of the poet, Joaquin Miller, after Leonie departed. Takeshi married the sculptor, Gertrude Boyle. They had a son. Driven away by jealousy, Gertrude found refuge in the arms of  Eitaro Eishagaka who is the nephew of a Yakuza gang leader who tried to take control of the Japanese silent film imdustry in Los Angeles. Porno movies were made. Eitoro suspected the boy Gertrude gave birth to, belonged to Takeshi, but, he raised it as his own. His name is Kalwito.

After a crackdown on foreign Bohemians by LPD, the Eishagakas moved back to Japan. Bid to give up a life of crime, and a fascination with Marxism, Eitaro returns to his village where his daughter was born, and later, his granddaughter. These women became Ama divers, along with Kalwito’s daughter, Tokuo. The Yakuza are never far away. Gertrude’s sister has her arrested at the dock in San Pedro for being insane, but, is soon set free to make the voyage.

When the Eishagakas move back to Los Angeles, they try to get back into the ligitimate film industry. Thirtty years later, Kissy is chosen to be the first Japanese star. She attracts the attention of a famous movie star who will remain anonymous for now. They have an affair that goes badly. Kissy returns to Japan, where she meets the love of her life, James Bond. They get married and have a girl. Her name is Elisha Rose Bond. Elisha marries a member of the Thyssen family who she meets at UCLA. His name can not be divulged at this time.

The fight over the Thyssen art, and other treasure that Hitler stole, was heating up. Members of the Thyssen family were employing shady characters, members of organized crime, even the Russian Mafia. When Thyssen learned Elisha was connected to the Yakuza, he married her, not for love, but for a cashe of gold that the Thyssen family had squirreled away. Family feuds over art are the most vicious feuds of all. I should know.

After Elisha Bond Thyssen dies a mysterious death, her eight year old daughter was deposited at the College of Arms, put in the care of the Janitor who had been the head maid for Baron Thyssen. At Le Rosy, Victoria Bond discovers her passion for sculpting.

“I think it’s in my blood!”

Then she began to pen Haiku poems, and go into a trance.

In ‘You Only Live Twice’ we see the faked death of James Bond, that ties in with the recent attempt to Off Bond, and, have him be reborn as a black agent? I suspect capturing the Japanese market was a motive for the first pseudo death.

I have rooted the Bond Family Tree in Bohemian and Japanese culture. The poet, George Sterling, founded the Bohemian Carmel Colony, with the help of his friend, Jack London, the great adventure writer, who Ian Fleming might have read.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

A revolution in consciousness was fueled in the United States in the 1960s by a small group of people who used the tools of psychedelic drugs, story-telling, improvisational theater, communal living, sharing, kindness, humor, and pranks to release people from the confines of society, and get them to think for themselves as well as make deep connections with others. The clown, comedian, and political activist Wavy Gravy led the way. Not only did he found the Hog Farm, the country’s longest-running commune. He became loosely affiliated with the Merry Pranksters, led by Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, George Walker, and Ken Babbs, who famously rode the bus FURTHUR from California to New York in 1964, spreading theater, music, rubber balls, and laughter among unsuspecting citizens along the way. In the mid-60s, The Pranksters organized Acid Tests along the West Coast—parties to promote the then-legal drug LSD. To perform at the parties they hired The Warlocks, soon renamed the Grateful Dead, whose improvisational jams, drug-explorations, and unprecedented ability to attract legions of loyal fans (Deadheads) became a movement and a community that reflected the same revolutionary spirit of life outside the mainstream. Beyond the tours and albums of the Grateful Dead, its singularly talented principal members, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Billy Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart, had their own bands, a kind of Dead on the Side. “The Bus to Never Ever Land” explores this territory—from Wavy to the Merry Pranksters to the Grateful Dead’s origins, poets, and side projects—through pointed excerpts from dozens of radio interviews that Jake Feinberg conducted with the protagonists and others who were there at the time. “We won’t be bought, we won’t be sold, we’ll move in the inner circles, we’ll move in the outer circles, we’ll be what we’ll be, and what we’ll be is be free” (Ken Babbs).

Jake D Feinberg

November 24 at 10:05 PM  · Our first attempt at an Acid Test was at Kesey’s up in La Honda. Various musicians in the vicinity of Palo Alto got called to come up there and play. That’s when I formally met the guys in the Grateful Dead. Before then I could just recognize them on the street.​They had changed their name to the Grateful Dead. Phil had found a 1928 dictionary and it wound up at the house on Ashbury Street. They said, “We’ll just look in here and open a page at random and stick our finger on a page.” I forget who stuck their finger in there, but they landed on the words “Grateful Dead.” It refers to a collection of stories from the late Middle Ages about a guy dying at the side of the road and this helper comes and pays for his burial and takes care of his wife and children.​In spirit the dead guy would be so grateful that he would help the helper get his wishes taken care of. The Grateful Dead were a spirit ally. We were all curious where the name came from. I got the answer straight from Phil and Jerry, so I know it’s real.​We had all this fabulous Mexican weed with all these seeds. I wish we had all those seeds right now ’cause that was some amazing weed.​The first proto-Acid Test was a party where we invited people we didn’t know. That party was in Soquel at Ken Babbs’ house, which was a nice little spread. His proper Prankster name is Intrepid Traveler.

The Springfield Creamery sponsored a team (basketball) in The Springfield Industrial League. We were The Springfield Creamery Jugs.​By this time, I was an acid head, and most of the guys on the team were, too. This is really when all my basketball skills came to fruition as a coach and player. It was then that I was able to see all ten players on the court at the same time and know what they were doing. That was really the way to be. You didn’t have to take acid to do that, you just had to develop that. Basketball is a lot like the English language. When you’re talking, you’re passing the word or topic around and riffing on words.​When I took LSD, it was never introspection; it was going places I had not imagined ever existed. Scenes that were wonderful and awful at the same time. I had the ability to go into my body, not my mind, and travel through my body. Knowing all my organs and even connecting to my DNA strands and be able to roll up and down those strands and see the future, past, and present. They’re all contained within that.​It’s a lot like quantum physics: out there in a world which has no boundaries. It’s the whole thing of expanded consciousness. Then you see the beauty in the worst and you’re able to understand people and the world and the connections that go on.​I remember one time, the best vision I had, I wasn’t even high on anything. I was looking out and everything was shimmering, everything was vibrating, and I realized that the world is all vibrations. In wood the vibrations are very tight together, and in the air vibrations are very wide. This vision lasted only about 10 minutes.​Writing can jump from one scene to another scene in the present, the future, and the past. If you can make the jumps, it’s OK if people can understand it.

  • Greg PrescoJake D Feinberg Send me a copy and I will review it for Royal Rosamond Press. I just posted on my late friend Bryan MacLean. His mother may still be alive. You should get her on your show.
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  • Greg PrescoYou must get my kin Jessie Benton on your show. She was married to Mel Lyman who disappeared. He played in the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. He is still alive. https://rosamondpress.com/2020/11/20/mel-2/MelROSAMONDPRESS.COMMelMel
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  • Greg Prescohttps://rosamondpress.com/2020/11/24/the-musical-jesus/The Musical JesusROSAMONDPRESS.COMThe Musical JesusThe Musical Jesus
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  • Jake D FeinbergI need Lyman!!!
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  • Greg PrescoJake D Feinberg Is this a statement or a question? Did I imply you need Lyman? You got everyone else in your Radio Stable. Why not Lyman? The Bohemian East and Timothy Leary did not greet Further and the Acid Clowns with open arms. Blowing people’s min… See More
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  • Greg PrescoYou and I have collected a lot of history on the Bohemian Rock Acid Culture. But, what is it good for – if young people – could care less about ALL HISTORY? In this word is the word STORY as in STORY TELLING. Young people – perhaps for generation to c… See More
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  • Greg PrescoI was at the first Be-In with Nancy (yogurt) when THE HIERARCHY JUGGERNAUGHT was rolled out on stage -with the Hell’s Angel’s as their bodyguard. Some of these bikers wore swastikas. I suspect Michael McClure was behind this. And, here comes Timothy Le… See More
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  • Greg PrescoJonathan Richman never took drugs, yet he is called ‘The Father of Punk’. I talked to him for an hour after his first show in a small bar in the suburbs of Boston. There were fifteen people in the audience. I said to him what I am saying to you….STAY… See More

The Greenish Swastika Salad Man

Posted on June 2, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press


This newspaper is now investigating Casey Farrell who I give the moniker ‘The Green Mosquito’.  a.k.a ‘Might Mo’. How about ‘Mo Green’? Mr. Farrell has copyrighted the term ‘Green Swastika’ and, he may have been beaten to the punch. There may be a copyright infringement.

I met Casey in the Library of the University of Oregon where they had public computers. I was researching all matters connected to Baigent and Leigh’s book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ that perhaps influenced Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’?  I belonged to several yahoo.groups wherein published authors on the subject of Rennes-le Chatteau, discussed their books with authors who were about to come out with a book. I found holes in these theories and founded Rennes-le-Hoax. To my credit, I did not come out with a book on my study just to make money, and own some fame. Casey Farrell joined this group. He made many posts, and only a few were on topic. Most appear to be streams of consciousness, on par with Howl and On The Road, but, in taking a second look, there may be a theme.


Casey Farrell considers himself a Celtic Druid. He is of Irish ancestry. He taught a course on Runes and The White Goddess. In discovering his racist homophobic posts on twitter, and with the many Word Salads Casey unloaded in my ear on the phone, I suspect he sees himself as a Word Smith chosen to save the White Race as he defines it with his Magical Celtic Words. Sarah Palin is on a similar mission, it all she can do but speak as a minister of her Evangelical cosmology, that include ‘The Rapture’. She speaks in code so other Evangelicals can understand without alarming secular voters. Casey was very careful in concealing from me his rabid racism – knowing I considered myself a Shembe-Zulu Nazarite. Casey said he read all my posts. He knows about my childhood sweetheart, Marilyn Reed, being married to a back man, Kenny Reed.

What is weird, Casey invented the name KALEFORNIA. Kale is very green, and a KELT word according to Casey. Here is Sarah talking in code about CARLEYFIORNIA. What! Is Casey writing speeches for Palin – and Trump?

Yesterday I found a review of an Amazon book by Casey, that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Mr. Farrell attached his Green Salad Rap to this woman’s work so real interested readers will fall into his Word Trap, his carefully construed misogyny. There is a black woman on the cover of the book. This is racist graffiti. Farewell has taken a can of green spray-paint and made his GREEN SWASTIKA on the cover. I suspect he is doing the same with this blog ‘Royal Rosamond Press’. I suspect he believes he is liberating White Tribal Celtic information for the sake of certain Aryans. I suspect Casey has been feeding my information to the person he refused to identity, who he called “Max” after I insisted. If I had met with MAX SWASTIKA in San Francisco, photographs would have been taken of us together, and used as proof we had lengthy conversations in that city. Why not here in Eugene? Casey wanted in the pic, on the cover of their book.


“They are entranced by a ale from Ireland called “GREEN SWASTIKA” (1989 )which motif they resemble in the New World,…Jane speaks only Welsh…Jean understands only Scotch, Janine writes Cornish, Joan reads Breton.”

I had seen his JOAN, JEAN, JANINE, and JANE combo before.  I had heard it several times on my phone that I was forced to unplug when The Lucky Green Charmer was really feeling his oats, was really on a roll. Lately I have been getting at least one call a day. I put my ear to the receiver, and in it pour The Wicked Green Ale made of KALE (ALE) put in his NAZI-BLEND-ER. If I respond after ten minutes, Casey talks while I am talking. He does not care if I get upset, because he is indoctrinating me. He wants to HIJACK my blog by turning my brain – GREEN! He is etching his CELTIC FOUR LEAF SWASTIKA in my grey matter. I think he has a Elfish Nazi Helper who is trying to liberate my autobiography, because he is the only one that can WRITE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Mr. Farrell talked about selling a decoder ring for his new language that would save WHITE WORLD. Farrell is OPUS O’DEI. I suspect Casey knows he has Moorish blood, and his great grandfather was a sex slave of a Barbary Coast Pirate. He is trying to rid himself of these undesirable influences.

One evening, he caught me watching T.V. and not taking in My O’Daily Green Download. I was watching ‘The Ducks’. When they scored a touchdown, I let out a yell!

“Are you watching television while I’m talking. I hate it when people do that!”

It was then I realized I was not the only one on the GREEN CHARMER’S list, that would be accused of stealing his LUCKY CHARMS.

Jon Presco



Hello everyone,

I keep seeing green Swastika flags for sale on various websites… what is the significance of this symbol? Supposedly it’s the flag of the “Libertarian National Socialist Green Party,” but I keep hearing rumors that the LNSGP was an elaborate joke… their website is gone and I can’t find much information on the organization.

Does the green Swastika flag have some other meaning?




Benton, Wright, Zorthian, Miller, Eishagaka, and Stackpole

Posted on August 30, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Rose City Planners

On this day, August 30, 2018, I found, Rose City Planners, a International Company that will pull together the best team of City Planners – possible! During the Great Depression many artists were funded by the WPA to produce civic works of art. Today, our cities have been forever enriched by the work of these magnificent artists who were not out to become famous. They gave way more that they received. Their historic contributions can be added on to, if their common philosophy is understood – and harnessed!  These men considered themselves Bohemians.

Many city planners and city governments understand that We The People want our downtowns to have a Bohemian flavor and look. This is the recipe that attracts people. Unfortunately, many city governments are hiring outsiders, Bohemian pretenders, who put the Capitalist Quick Buck Masters at the top, and the artist down at the bottom next to Vegetable Stands. These frauds keep saying they are protecting our city history and founding fathers, but – they lie! When my company gets off the ground we will do a through research to see how much history, and Bohemian Culture was bulldozed into the ground. Much can still be saved – if you know how!

Rose City Planners will reach out to foreign cities, and establish a Cultural Exchange. I am looking for Japanese Investors, and backers for ‘The Royal Janitor’. I founded ‘The Wandering Star Studios. I am poised to take over the work of J.R. Tolkien, also. I will relocate my company to Portland Oregon.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

Building The City Beautiful

Posted on June 30, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press


On the my last day in Vancouver I heard there is a plan to tear down the last freeway in that city. Here is a video of the Hippie Museum that shows some Hippie fashions:


Here is another blog of mine where I honor Boho fashion.


Here is the statue Pacifica being blown-up by the Navy:

Ina Coolbrith gave Joaquin Miller his look that he took to England where he read his poems to the Queen. The Pre-Raphaelite Artists took him in. Miller was a friend of my grandmother. The original hippies of the Bay Area were influence by Miller, Ina, London, and Sterling. Miller made a life-size statue of my kin, John Fremont, who looks west from the heights of Oakland. El Capitan looks like Gandalf.

Stackpole’s Bohemian Circle

Posted on December 29, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


Peter photographed my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor for LIFE magazine, and Errol Flynn. who my mother and aunt dated. Ralph was good friends Diego Rivera and his artistic wife. These creative Bohemian souls were the compatriots of David Weston and his Muses. Ralph did a painting of Tina Modotti wearing pearls. David is the model for Frank Rosefish. Errol Flynn is a model for Don Roscoe.

The Roaring Tigers of Art and Literature

Posted on December 13, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) auction on October12, 2014 of 20th Century Modern Design and Fine Art

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) auction on October12, 2014 of 20th Century Modern Design and Fine Art


Thomas Hart Benton did lithographs and a painting for John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’. This is huge! This puts a Literary Giant in the Benton Family Creative Tree. How could the three Rosamond biographers have missed this? Here’s a huge clue?


I am overwhelmed by the History I appear to be the Caretaker of. For this reason I am founding Royal Rosamond College, and am seeking funding.

There are two world famous artists with the last name BENTON. Thomas Hart Benton, and Christine Rosamond Benton. Not one of the three authors that were blessed by attorney Sydney Morris to publish Rosamond’s biography, put these two artists together in their lying biographies that humiliated Christine, her mothers, and her teacher.


Above is a photograph of a man humiliating one of Thomas’ works of art. People all over the world express their outrage. Wait till they read about Faulkner’s ‘Dunkin The Frog’ that was going to put into the public domain as a Rosamond. Not only is this Art Forgery, it is a direct attack on the Creative Language that Artists speak to each other with – for free!

In two of the three works of art above, we see artists who were members of the Synchromism movement. Stanton Macdonald-Wright did ‘Yin Synchrom’ in 1925, and Thomas Hart Benton did ‘The Rape of Persephone’ in 1939. Is Benton sending a message to Stanton, saying he is beholding to his influence, or, did it just turn out this way in what Carl Jung titled synchronicity? Stanton included Gloria Stuart in one of his murals. Is Stuart’s painting of a nude – with tiger – part of this messaging? Is she saying;

“Don’t leave me out, don’t forget about me – you Bohemian good ol boys!”

The Wandering Star Studio

Posted on July 6, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

On this day, July 6, 2018, I give new life to The Wandering Star Studio. I am now seeking backers for WSS in China, Japan, Canada, France, and England. I am going to ask David Lynch if he will represent my studio.

The United States of America, before it became a Nations, was made up of diverse peoples from all over the world. The Constitution does not describe a certain race of peoples as owners of this Freedom Land. It belongs to all citizens. The laws for being a citizen, and becoming a citizen have been established. However, there is always room for improvement.

It is becoming evident, that many people who voted for Donald Trump, did so believing he would grant them a special citizenship that is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. This idea is creating Disunity that grows each day, because it is being nurtured by propaganda. This propaganda is being spread to the rest of the world in Trump’s Trade Wars that no U.S. Citizen voted for, or, expected.

It is the mission of Wandering Star Studio to show how it took many diverse people to make up this great country of ours. Most of these people were not indigenous. they came here from all over the world, following a…………….Wandering Star!

Trade Wars are creating a very destruction Isolationtionism that will stifle our economy and our people. We will lose our creative edge that blossoms from open minds, verses closed minds. American and World Culture needs to explore new ways to work and create together so we may all own a Universal Culture that betters the lives of all people.

My Art Dynasty

Posted on December 30, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Macdonald-Wright was a significant presence and a charismatic personality in the Los Angeles art scene for the next several decades. He was the director of the Southern California division of the Works Project Administration Federal Art Project from 1935 to 1943,[12] and personally completed several major civic art projects, including the murals in Santa Monica City Hall. After World War II, MacDonald-Wright became interested in Japanese art and culture, which led to the renewal of synchromist elements in his work. He taught art for many years at UCLA and also kept studios in Kyoto and Florence.


Folk Festival at Zorthian Ranch

Posted on February 9, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

In 1965 I attended a party at the Zorthian Ranch with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren (whose grandmother owned the recipe for Nancy’s Yogurt) and Barry and Seyburn Zorthian, the daughter’s of the artist, Jirayr H. Zorthian, who was influenced by Thomas Hart Benton. Thomas is the cousin of the muralist, Garth Benton who married my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. These four women and myself would live in a commune in San Fancisco, our rent paid by Betty Zorthian, the heiress of the William’s Shave fortune. Seyburn is an artist.Zorthian and I discussed art up in his studio while beautiful young L.A. Godesses soared on the trampoline to ‘Gloria’.

The Pseudo History of Kissy Suzuki

Posted on August 27, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

The Crouching Tiger of Synchronicity

Posted on December 9, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) auction on October12, 2014 of 20th Century Modern Design and Fine Art

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) auction on October12, 2014 of 20th Century Modern Design and Fine Art

Royal Rosamond Press was founded in 1997 as a newspaper dedicated to the protection, and the preservation of The Arts. The attack upon the Rosamond-Benton Creative Legacy began minutes after my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, was pronounced dead. My un-talented brother and sister kept me from the meeting that was held in my famous sister’s house in Pebble Beach. They got behind a Art Forger and her biography that another ghost writer completed. Not once is the world-famous artist Thomas Hart Benton, mentioned in their book if lies.

Today, I announce I am the protector and preserver of Thomas’ artistic legacy, and guardian-caretaker of the Lost Synchromism Movement co-founded by Stanton MacDonald Wright. This movement is under attack by Oscar de la Torre and AIM.

Today I saw our black President give a speech for the 150th Anniversry of the Emancipation of Slaves. However, my kindred, Jessie Benton, and her husband, John Fremont, emancipated the slaves of Missouri several years before.

“Latino activist Oscar de la Torre declared war on the 74-year-old art work last week and vowed to launch a campaign to “take this mural down”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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