Arrest Trump For Treason

No American since Benedict Arnold has delibereatey done as much damage to our Nation, as President Donald Trump did last night when he declared our voting system corrupt and unworkable. Trump declared Democracy was dead. He blamed our downfall on the MAIL-IN BALLOT. He said he saw our downfall coming -months ago – and tried to prevent the downfall of our Democracy. But, the Democrats were hell-bent on destroying our Democracy – just so Joe Biden would win. With no proof of these allegation, claims, and Presidential Pronouncement and Declaration, Traitor Trump order the counting of votes to stop! He then suggested his backer could help stop the illegal counting. On cue, angry mobs appeared at the counting places, and in our Nation’s street.

I was reminded of the angry mob that came to my front door and wrongly accused me of stalking Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie with articles in my newspaper, These public citizens that appeared in the news for storming and occluding the office of the City Manager of Eugene. This mob said I should be locked up for being a lunatic because I claimed I was a prophet. This claim has been validated. Who could have predicted that the Republicans’ President, evangelical leaders, and other Republicans – CONSPIRED to destroy our Democracy and the WAY WE VOTE? Read my blog! The people of Ukraine have got to be on high alert, because the Republicans have diverted the power of the Presidency to a court of law. The frivolous lawsuit the Republicans’ filed will corrupt the Normal Transfer of Power to the winning Presidential Candidate, and new elected Senators and Congressmen. There exist no Captain at the Helm of State. Our European allies are in shock because of this treachery. The question is, what if Trump wins – if the counting is allowed to continue un-impeded? The Democrats will be cast out of the franchise by these FALSE ACCUSATIONS! Our Nation will be more divided then they were before the Civil War. The chances of armed violence taking place – is high! Again, Putin is overjoyed at the possibilities I put forth, as the President of Royal Rosamond Press, and a Republican Write-in Candidate

Top Republicans are defending their President, and never the President of all the people. How many elected Republicans heard Trumps prediction that our Democracy would fail and prove corrupt – months ago – and they did NOTHING to prevent it? These Republican are making Putin’s day! Putin has got to be dancing for joy to hear these TREACHEROUS PRONOUNCEMENTS. The people of Ukraine have got to be on high alert, along with our Nation’s Allies. Trump has put them under the gun. Trump told our enemies that the United States – has never been weaker – and he provides not proof. But, coming from the President – his claims might be true!!!! Outrageous! I demand this Interlineation Liar be arrested for High Treason!

How sure I was of this Democratic Disaster, that I campaigned for President. Any write-in vote for me – maybe be the only honest vote cast – according to the President and his Treacherous Party. I demand Evangelical leaders hold a news conference and tell their people to stand-down, and do all they can to be Good Patriots, by refuting false claims that undermine our Freedom and Liberty. The Voice of the People has been muffled in the vile lies of a pathological liar who will do anything, say anything – to win!

John Presco

Write-in Candidate for the office of President of the United States

Top Republicans are defending President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and a rigged election even as some rank-and-file congressional Republicans have spoken out against the President’s latest remarks.Speaking from the White House Thursday, the President repeated his false claims that a count of legally cast ballots would show him winning the presidential race and said at one point, “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig an election.”Some prominent Republicans, including members of House and Senate leadership, are backing the President in the aftermath of the address.Sen. Lindsey Graham, a close ally of the President and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, defended Trump on Thursday evening and echoed his baseless claims of voter fraud. “I’m here tonight to stand with President Trump,” the South Carolina Republican, who was reelected Tuesday, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Election officials in several states said Thursday that they are worried about the safety of their staffs amid a stream of threats and gatherings of demonstrators outside their doors.

“I can tell you that my wife and my mother are very concerned for me,” said Joe Gloria, the registrar in Clark County, Nev., which includes Las Vegas. He said his staff was bolstering security and tracking vehicles coming and going from the election offices.

President Donald Trump delivered the most dishonest speech of his presidency on Thursday evening.

I’ve watched or read the transcript of every Trump speech since late 2016. I’ve cataloged thousands and thousands of his false claims.

I have never seen him lie more thoroughly and more egregiously than he did on Thursday evening at the White House.

On the verge of what appeared to be a likely defeat by former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump emerged in the press briefing room and took a blowtorch to the presidential tradition of defending the legitimacy of the democratic process.

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