Are These Evangelicals On A Rampage?

These are alleged volunteers that I suspect go to the same church, doing their damnedest to stop the voice of Induvial Voters from being heard every four years. How fucking dare they! Who do they think they are! My main complaint about Alleybelle and the Ugly Kimites, is, they acted like a mob – a team – and that gave them Extra Rights individuals do not enjoy. This is Fascism, folks. Write your Congressman and demand a full identification of this group that refused to give their names – just like the Jesus Freak Mob who came after me – and two cats! Just like Belle, who invaded the City Managers office, and hid her identity. This is the proof I am a prophet who God bid me to witness the fall of the blasphemes evangelical cult, whose leaders need to be….

LOCKED UP! Lock them up!

John ‘The Prophet’

Security officials and several Detroit police officers outside TCF Center halted new election challengers from entering the downtown Detroit convention center where absentee ballots were being counted Wednesday afternoon.

A small crowd of would-be challengers chanted “stop the vote” and “stop the count” just off Jefferson Avenue at an entrance to TCF Center, with some shouting occasionally that they should be let in to observe the count. Another group swarmed around the entrance to the absentee counting center inside TCF Center, chanting loudly and at some points banging on windows that looked into the room where hundreds of election workers were counting ballots.

Incoming Republican and Democratic election challengers couldn’t enter because the ballot counting headquarters had hit the maximum allowed for each party, said Lawrence Garcia, Detroit’s corporation counsel and an election commissioner. Each party gets one person per counting table, and TCF Center has 134.

Two challengers interviewed by Crain’s said they were worried the election had been compromised — that Detroit’s ballot count lacked integrity — and expressed concern the election department was barring challengers, especially Republicans, from observing the vote to assure its fairness. One person standing outside TCF Center, who identified as Republican but declined to disclose his name because he’s not allowed to talk to media, said he got a call from the campaign for John James for Senate asking him go to Detroit to volunteer to watch over the vote.

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