Jesus Did Not Implement Sex Laws

For the first time in human history, a religious body – disguised as a political party – went out of its way to anoint a fellow Christian (Amy Bennett) for the sole purpose of making SEX-SIN-LAWS for non-believers – employing the Supreme Court! Two hours ago, I googled the question about how and why Jesus DIED FOR OUR SINS. What sins? Are we talking about REPRODUCTIVE SINS? This is the first result. I will go with this guys answer – that God directed me to read? What Crowly suggests is, humankind rejected God due to the temptations of Satan, thus, God had to come to earth AND TRICK His Children into following God again, so they will be without sin – and will cross the bridge to Eternal Life – Satan did not want for his followers. The question I ask, is why didn’t Jesus announce HE CAME TO DIE so believers will know eternal life – from the get? At the beginning of his (God’s) ministry he enters a synagogue and reads from Isaiah. For some reason the Jews try to throw Jesus (God) over a cliff. Why? Why did Jesus (God) resist this FIRST MURDER ATTEMPT and slink away! He could have announced The Bridge to Eternal Life is now open, and he fell into the abyss. Why all this other earthly stuff after this attempt.

John ‘The Prophet’

Crowly Mathew Arackal, I am Christian Catholic.Answered May 6, 2017 · Author has 9.6K answers and 9.2M answer viewsOriginally Answered: Why and for what sins Jesus died?

The question seems very simple! But the answer should carry the whole of salvation history!

  1. God created everything (how to create was His problem and he did it either by evolution or direct). God appointed man in charge of everything.
  2. God did everything for men to live comfortably.
  3. But man decided to listen to Satan when Satan said he can be another God!
  4. But Satan was cheating them. Man was belittled before god for what he did.
  5. Man decided to leave God. He went away from God or the kingdom of god.
  6. God could forgive everything and take back man into the kingdom of God. But men always felt he cannot live without sin. (Is it a manufacturing defect in creating man?) Man always justified his nature of doing sin or disobeying God. But God do not want to accept them back to his kingdom with this idea with man. He may still disobey God and start justifying himself.
  7. God decided to humble himself and live as man. Jesus, son of God, and one with the God, decided to undertake this responsibility and born to Mary as a 100% man even when he was a 100% God.
  8. He lived in this world as a man, got tempted from start to end. Jesus the man did not do any sin even at the face of torture and finally death. The last temptation was the call to come out of the cross so that all will believe in Him as son of God. But Jesus died on the cross without doing any sin. He lived with love and respect to all.
  9. Jesus lived without doing a sin and proved a man can live without doing a sin. Yes if you sin it is your decision and responsibility, misusing the freedom given by God.
  10. God opened the gates of heaven for all human beings. This is the universal salvation gained by Jesus Christ. Jesus build a bridge for us to be back with God for ever. But still, remaining eligible for entry to heaven is our personal responsibility.
  11. What Jesus did is opening a way for the ones to come back to the kingdom of heaven. But remember Jesus will not grab anybody against their will. But you have the option to go to heaven. Opportunity is open to all. Now choosing the right path and remaining eligible for heaven is your personal responsibility.

It is like you quit a country (country A) saying you are not willing to live there by obeying the rules. You went elsewhere (country B). Naturally you will loose the protection as the citizen of country A (this is the original sin. It is the lack of providence of God rather than a sin imposed on you!) Jesus build a bridge from B to A so that people in B (if willing) can go to A.

The Good News is the existence of the Bridge from B to A. You may use the bridge even if you are not a Christian or know that the bridge was constructed by Jesus. We travel over many bridges without knowing who made it. Aren’t we?

Note: I was only trying to explain the role of Jesus in a simple way, using some example from the material world.

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