Did God Choose Trump?

Evangelical leaders are hysterical after THEIR candidate got the coronavirus, because it VOIDS the claim there is a PROPHECY happening in the Republican Party co-founded by my kin, John Freemont, who never mentions religion. By their own rules, the existence of FALSE PROPHECY rears its ugly head in midst a SECULAR PANDAMIC. Trump was dragged out of bed to sign a blanks piece of paper to give the FALSE MESSAGE he is still busing doing the holy work of God – and KING JESUS! Why is Jesus called ‘KING’? Many minister bid their flocks to come to church not wearing a mask, and sitting close to each other, because they are washed in the protective blood of Lamb Jesus. why is he a lamb? My neighbor told me she goes to church believing she owns a special protection non-believers do not not own. ISIS held similar beliefs. I keep my distance.

John The Prophet

“I’m covered in Jesus’s (sic) blood,” one woman (see left) proclaimed as a defence to why she could break social distancing guidelines and attend her church gathering. Others interviewed echoed similar claims.

When former Energy Secretary Rick Perry made headlines last month on Fox News for saying President Donald Trump is “the chosen one” who was “sent by God to do great things,” it wasn’t the first time someone argued that the commander in chief was commissioned on high.

Nor was it the last. Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the Christian CBN News that Trump’s election made plain “that everything happens for a reason … I think God sometimes places people for lessons and sometimes places people for change.” 

The Perry and Haley TV interviews exposed the ongoing tension in American political culture between those who believe that divine purpose underwrites everything that happens in politics and those who see human agency at work.

Using God’s word as license for ungodliness

Trouble is, the Perry and Haley arguments give leaders like Trump a pass when they do and say ungodly things —  like allegedly groping women, lying about charitable giving or enacting immigration policies that result in children being separated from parents at the border.




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