My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming

Yesterday I discovered my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, did much of the riding in the movie ‘National Velvet’ that was shot at Pebble Beach just a few miles from the home of my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. Liz learned to ride when she lived at the home of the world famous artist, Augustus John, who is kin to the author, Ian Fleming. Liz is kin to Augustus via the Getty family. This brings these three creative people to Carmel, where Rosamond had two galleries. I have my Bond character, Victoria Bond, come to Carmel. I am using Lara Roozemond for my literary model, and will soon do two portraits. She rose Friesian horses in show.

Rosamond Press

I am now going to concentrate on promoting myself in a professional manner. I taught my famous sister how to paint. She married into the famous Benton family of artists. I am kin to Augustus John.

John Presco

Marriage: Abt. 1895

3.i.FRANCES LYNN13 TAYLOR, b. 28 Dec 1897, Springfield, Sangamon
County, Illinois; d. 20 Nov 1968, Los Angeles County, California.

An appreciation of art ran in Taylor’s family: her father, Francis, and great-uncle Howard Young were dealers. Born in London, Francis moved to Hollywood during the second world war and set set up his own gallery in the Beverley Hills Hotel, where it attracted film star clients including Hedda Hopper and Greta Garbo.

Francis Taylor exclusively represented the Welsh painter Augustus John in America, a relationship that had developed when the Taylor…

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