The Right of the Sword

I am going to encourage members of the New Rainbow Coalition to take the vow of the Nazarite.

Rosamond Press

As I awoke, and lie in my bed, I thought about the arming of the Nazarite Church of the Eastern Star that was attacked by ISIS. The Kurds came to mind. I thought about the groups of black Americans arming themselves, and the Black Panthers. I had recently declared Armstrong’s church, racist, and considered turning it into a world wide Jubilee Revolution.

I got out of bed, wearily, and read Trump considered selling Puerto Rico to save money on hurricane relief. He treated this crisis like a business man dumping bad stock, or closing a money losing plant. Then it occurred to me this is why Trump stabbed the Kurds in the back – after meeting with Erdogan – who just turned Hagia Sophia back into a Mosque. All of Christendom is alarmed, accept the evangelical loons that put Trump in office, because they subscribe to Prosperity Gospel, and want…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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