Rosamund and God’s Little Acre

Bob Lee would love me if her were alive. So would Huey Newton.

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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

After posting yesterday’s blog on Charles Shield’s webpage, I began to wonder if Harper Lee had been toppled from a perch of some kind. Was The South now without a Southern Masterpiece, a quintessential writer who wrote from the bosom of Beulieu Land? Then Erksine Caldwell popped in my mind. I had used his Tobacco Road to write a scathing review of Thomas Pynchon’s movie ‘Inherent Vice’.  I almost didn’t publish it figuring it  spelled doom for my career as an author. But, I had been unfriended by Shields and Boris Kackha for being… out of control Hippie Wannabe – on acid?

Once again my powerful muse was on target, and Tom may have realized what a genius I am by figuring out Caldwell is his hero – and his books have inspired his writing! Wow! Why not? I highly suspect my grandfather…

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