Pynchon and Tarantino

The Rainbow Coalition has been raised from the dead.

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Tarantino’s Manson-Era Movie Gets Way Creepier

I just learned that Steve McQueen was invited to Sharon Tate’s house the night she was murdered. So was my friend, Bryan McLean, who said he did not go, and instead kept a date he made earlier. I posted several years ago that I felt Bryan heard something. He knew Manson, as did a lot of people in the L.A. music scene. I wondered if he felt guilty, and this is the reason he found Christ. Well, so did Steve!

What if Steve and Bryan knew each other, and Steve invited Bryan to go with him to the small party? What if Bryan told Steve he heard rumors that Manson and his crew were going to show up, and they turned around? What would you do, go to the party and tell everyone Crazy Charlie is coming? Folks would think you are crazy –…

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