Goon Squad Coming To Oakland

The Range War between Rena and myself has just gotten more interesting with the introduction of the Rainbow Coalition where Black Panthers wear cowboy hats.

Rosamond Press

You can not author a better story then the battle between the Artist and his Muse. Rena sits perched atop her Montana hill in she and her husband’s Cow Castle watching the news. Trump’s Federal Goon Squad is making a sweep of Broadway in Downtown Oakland. The Bohemians have had their day.

“Oakland. Isn’t that where you lived in a tent with that left-leaning freak?

Our man Trump will make sure his kind are thoroughly punished for destroying our lifestyle. ”

Rena wanted to point out to her Redneck husband that he was prepared for a gun fight if Obama used Federal troops on citizens. But, she had taken a wedding vow.

John Presco

“The Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyers Guild denounced President Donald Trump’s threats to send federal police to Oakland in a press conference on Tuesday, calling them “fascist moves” while a top federal official…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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