Writing The American Bible

I will now, all on my own, research if ministers mailed their sermons and religious ideas to one another, and thus these men of God had our founding father establish the Post Office. If so, then I will file a lawsuit regarding Freedom of Religion vs, closure of PO

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God has bid me to help author the First American Bible in order to end divisiveness in America. The Puritans were instrumental in authoring the King James Bible, and John Eliot, with the help of John Wilson, wrote the First American Bible in the Algonquin Language that very few can read. This is an astounding fact. Fourteen years went into writing a special Bible for very special people – the world knew nothing about! Did Islam know of the New World Natives? How about the Russian Orthodox Church? Did the Vikings who had contact with these natives – convert to Christianity?

I have been taking a close look at the Baptist Church, today, and now know I was really on to something when I ordered the Evangelicals out of the Republican Party – that I title ‘The Third Tower’. In Boston there is the Church Tower that John Wilson founded…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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