Patriot Women of America – Take Back Our Post Offices!

When Kamala is VP write her and ask her t champion the Post Office.

Rosamond Press


Women have been marching against the Presidency of Trump all over the world. France gave us Lady Liberty. Trump took our Nation’s Post Office away, and he and his privileged children are taking profits from it. I suggest this Washington Post Office be given to the Patriotic Women’s Movement so they can establish a Woman’s United Nations. Post Offices across this Great Land can be used as Health and Freedom centers.

Donald Trump just attacked the Press, and Crowd Size, at CIA headquarters. His press guy just held his first conference and attacked the Press – and Crowd Size! How many forums does this megalomania need to declare War on Women, and everyone that did not vote for him? We the People pay taxes for these podiums. His people went after the Park Services.  Their Hotel may go against the Constitution. Let us concentrate on Trump Castle. Let’s see it…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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