The Battle For Oakland

When I first started talking to Jenny Hemphill, and she told me she did analyst work for the FBI, I wondered if she was looking at Bruce Perlowin and the Russian Spy he married in Federal prison. My good friend, Micahael Harkins married Bruce’s wife, and she told him some inside stuff about the FBI and her ex-husband. Jenny said she works as a PI and is too busy to look at the death of Christine, but, she did read about the suede jacket lie. Trump already went after Kamala for going after Kavanaugh. Will Kamala and the Mueller Report come up in the debates. Swawell grew up over the hill from Oakland.

Rosamond Press

The Bohemian, Beat, Hippie Scene did not exist in order to make a few authors rich and famous. I can not be dismissed for owning such ambitions. It occurs to me I am the only one left. Mary Ann Tharaldsen is still alive, and I will be sad if she leaves the planet. My ex was a technical writer employed by Boing in Washington. Writers like Charles Shields and Boris Kachka will not be on the front lines protecting old Oakland Bohemian against the Fascist State of Donald Trump. Nope, they will be waiting down the line a year of so to see what they can glean from the author who wrote the book


My ex and I lived in Oakland. Mary Ann went to Cornell with Richard and Mimi Farina, as well as Thomas Pynchon. Only I saw Black Lives Matter coming, and a new…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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