Idea for Netflix series.


John Presco

Copyright 2020

My best friend, Ginger Kuth, responded to the image of the Lincoln I sent her. I asked what name would she apply to this car? “Frank” I then got an idea for a series

“Tish had an old neighbor who got her out of tough jams. Tish bonded with a monster who Frank ran over. When he got out of the hospital the monster ran over Frank and killed him. Tish was left his Lincoln who she named after her dear neighbor.”

Frank has magical powers, and is haunted. Frank continues to protect his best friend – from beyond the grave.

Ginger is my best friend because I like her rigorous honesty. We talked about her doing a show called ‘Trench Talk’ which will now be about a women of thirty four who was a chorus dancer and card dealer in Vegas who gets her own show that features those who work in Las Vegas. These are bad times and Tish wants to give her peers – a voice! She has guests and discuses outrageous posts on facebook. This is why she had Frank Nitti the 111 on her show. Frank had been a famous black jack dealer, now retired. He claimed he was Frank Nitti’s grandson, but, had turned down offers from the Mob to come be a Wise Guy. Frank was – a honest man – who wrote the infamous book..


Women’s liberation groups tried to get it banned from libraries that Frank donated his FLOP to. He got many death threats – FROM WOMEN! Tish loved Franks book that dovetailed nicely with the gory details of Vegas and facebook culture. Indeed, Frank claimed on the show he got the idea for his book by spending too much time on facebook where he was hit on by real crazy She-Demons, as he titled them.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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