Capturing Rosamond and The Elderly

My friend, Raquel Toney, made me aware that Boris has a plan to put everyone seventy and older in strict wartime quarantine. Raquel is a direct descendant of Fair Rosamond, or Joan Clifford, who King Henry put in a Labyrinth to protect her from his wife, Queen Eleanor. This is the ZARDOZ prophecy – come true!

The story of Fair Rosamond is a archetypal legend that permeates much of English Literature. The Rosey Story may be the – only survivor of British Culture. Boris is the Wizard of Oz, who bid Britania to withdraw from the European Union. Now, as the Pied Piper, he leads The Seventy along the Yellow Brick Road to the Vortex of Oz, where he says they will be safe. But, as they are bundled along, many protest. They do not want to be segregated in a Senior Apartheid.  They want to die in their role as the Sustainers of British Culture. If they are disappeared – England dies!

One woman amongst The Sheep, complains the loudest.

“I am only fifty! There is a big mistake!”

But, Boris does not care to hear her. Then, this Fair Maiden has an epiphany. She sees who he is

wiZARD of OZ

Are we looking at the euthanasia of the elderly, a mass human sacrifice order to allow the young and healthy can come out and play Sex and Money Games? If the world does not go back t work, then tax monies to sustain our social safety net, will dry up. This is a Catch 22.

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor and her family were moved to the U.S. during the war in order to be safe. Many young people hate history – with a passion! The elderly are living history books. I suggest they build a safe labyrinth so the greedy young can not get to us.

John Presco


Coronavirus UK: Boris to impose FOUR-MONTH quarantine for elderly under ‘wartime’ measures

BORIS JOHNSON will instruct everyone over the aged of 70 to stay in strict isolation for four-months as part of new measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, according to reports.

The Government is set to mobilise “wartime-style” efforts in the next five to 20 days, including plans to isolate the elderly for four months, ITV’s political editor Robert Peston reports. As part of the new measures to help limit the impact of coronavirus, all people in Britain aged over 70 will be instructed to stay in strict isolation at home or in care homes for four months. Other measures being planned included the forced requisitioning of hotels, private hospitals and other buildings as temporary hospitals.

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