Evolution of the Coronet Camper

Rena Easton-Christiansen and I had the best camping experience – ever! We took my 1950 Dodge Coronet camping for about fifty days in Northern California. I still fantasize about this beautiful adventure. Rena was eighteen and I was twenty-four.

I believe I have found the most perfect and beautiful car ever made. Here is the 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 Station Wagon. I will add to this post.

I used to own a Trapper Nelson backpack when I was a teenager. Planning for a camping trip was the best part. This helps with the virus and makes me feel normal and peaceful. You and your camping partner should have the same pack and chair.  The woman should be given the same weight. Then ask if she wants to transfer items to your pack after a half hour. Never belittle your camping buddy.

The world ended when they did away with the station wagon, analogue TV, and the Transistor Radio. And, women do not stay young forever. I made a huge mistake not buying a Instamatic camera so I could capture Rena. I just found this vintage camera with nightlight. This is close forefather of the I-Phone, as is the radio that picks up the audio part of Free TV, as well as the weather station. The all news channel was not invented yet. I suggest every retro-camper have their own radio with earplug, camera night-light, and flashlight. They should have their own roll of toilet paper and toothpaste.

The idea of camping is not to get closer, but, further apart. There is a Zen. Bring board games and books – and extra batteries! With the top three images you are able to do the following in the wilderness:

Make music. Make light. Make love – and works of art. Yes, you can conceive a child in the back of a Dodge Station Wagon.

John Gregory Presco



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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