The Nazarite Judges – Are Here!

Reality as we know it – is finished! I will be creating a cyber-world of peace and health. There will be bartering.

Rosamond Press

I have signed many posts as a ‘Nazarite Judge’. This is what made my Christian neighbors – furious – because I depict the evangelicals at the Bad Guys. These is why they said I needed to be locked up. Their witnesses against me were Wiccan Alley Valkyrie, and Belle Burch, whom I love, because Jesus said; “Love they enemy as thyself.” and he said; “Love thy neighbor.”

This morning I awoke with the truth my parents hated me, and denied I was not their child. My daughter, Heather Hanson, denied me as a father, and disappeared from my life for two years. Kim Haffner squealed with joy to have read this, and threw this in my face. She elects me – too! So did that writing group. What is it with these people. Why does everyone – reject me?

How many millions of evangelical reject all proof their President broke…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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