On the Warpath with Chief One Moccasin

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winne5I met James Harkins a couple of hours after I arrived in Oakland. Keith helped me unload my paintings I had tied to my 1957 Fairlane which we spread around the Walker Avenue apartment for a quick viewing. Then we took off somewhere. When we got back, there is this strange looking guy waiting for us. He is not smiling. He is perturbed, for this is the first time this apartment was ever locked. It was Weedville U.S.A. You could always get a free hit on some weed. Folks smoked weed here. James came here to smoke some weed. See James smoke. Smoke, James, smoke!

Now, something drastic had happened. After trying the door, he peeked in and shall all these large canvases full of dark subject matter. Harkins must has seen my ‘Pulp Man’ running down the hill from this old car. When I first saw Karl Rove, I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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