Ray West Was No Black Panther

What is BLM tearing down that they are not aware of?

Rosamond Press

I seriously doubt Ray West was a Black Panther. As a journalist he would have written that history down. It says Ray and some 24 blacks showed Black Panther films – in Chicago. The “black students then proceeded..”

“Death by burning” Bullshit! No Panther would ever say that! Didn’t Indians burn pale faces at the stake? The only death threat came when the Panthers followed cop cars in their hood, and got out with shotguns whenever a black man was pulled over. Busting folks for racism in Oakland, made you a cop. There goal was not to end racism. It was to protect black men and women, then serve the hungry black children at least one meal a day. They eliminated all the old arguments – while holding guns! They replicated the Oakland cops. Pure genius! This was written on the side of Oakland cop cars.

“To Protect and to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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