Elizabeth Eutrophia Dew

Here is a photograph of my two grandchildren, Tyler Hunt, and Ember Dew. I am barred from taking photos of my offspring on Heather Hanson’s facebook because her mother is very jealous – I exist! For seventeen years (including womb time) she had our daughter all to herself. Patrice Hanson agreed to be my wife, and in my autobiography. But when I began to explain to her what my story would look like, she looked to see how big of a would she would have. I wanted her and our daughter to have my surname and thus be in my family tree. Patrice saw this as a rejection of her almost divine input that she tells our daughter comes from her mother, Heather’s other grandmother. I was shocked to see I was in a child custody battle.

Then Heather and Patrice brought Bill Cornwell into my life, and the life of my family. Nine years ago this drunk bullied me and my sister – with the help of Linda Comstock (Patrices’ sister) and her drunken lover. These three could not, and did not, sire children. They wanted Tyler to be their surrogate child. Patrice signed off on this. The family reconciliation I began, was destroyed nine years ago. I have not heard from Heather and Tyler – hence! Jealousy is the Enemy of Art.

Ten years ago, my childhood sweetheart pointed out the Eutropia and Heather look very much alike, and thus…….Tyler and Eutrophia look alike. Heather and Tyler also look like my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond whose husband had these amazing blue eyes. I see Christine in both my grandchildren. Here is a true manifestation of the goddess. The women in my family have been models. That is Eutrophia with a tambourine. She stands posed under a fruit tree.  Stop competing with a true miracle!

John Presco

Rosamond Press

I just listened to my Daughter on the radio. She called in and talked to the Medium Karen Peterson. Before Heather came on Karen did a couple of readings. She saw The Father of several women. She said one father was an alcoholic and he apologizes from the place of The Dead. Heather believes Karen is communicating with a Dead Man as she listens in on the radio. Do they have AA meetings in Heaven?

At twenty I was considering going to India to seek a Guru. I was a virgin who never thought I would be a father. Thanks the DNA test I took, I see I have famous grandfather’s in my family tree who were priests.  I am a genealogist. Karen Peterson is talking about my grandchild. I am not a Christian. I am a Nazarite who form a linage of barren mothers, old in years, who take…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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