Anarchists Attack Art

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Why do anarchists attack artists and works of art? I believe it has everything to do with what they did NOT GET, and what others – have! This goes for my ugly neighbors who saw me as what they hate the most – a beautiful contrast that reminds them of what they did NOT GET. NOT GET are the keys words.

Americans are highly trained consumers. Products are aimed at the Beautiful People. When Ugly People buy products made for Beautiful People they feel a polarity, believe that they are equal. If anyone points out they are not they go insane and will hurt you – do everything to destroy you!

Yesterday I went to take a walk and encountered the Ugly Mother who went after Colt. Her Ugly Daughter wanted him after seeing me take walks with Colt. She brought her cat out to meet Colt so they would get used to their cat, because they fought when she brought Colt into their house. I told the Ugly Daughter I just spent $200 dollars at the vet who told me Colt would be forever a outdoor cat. She did not want to hear this. Her mother raised her to concentrate on what she did NOT GET in the world.

Both mother and daughter – have no necks! When God passed out necks – they did NOT GET necks. It can not be the mothers fault. It is the fault of the Beautiful People who find long necks – beautiful! These Ugly Monsters disappeared Clark the beautiful cat who had many friends in our appartment building. There is a Ugly Coalition in my stairwell. I have never seen a collection of Ugly Women in one place. I was very puzzled why people went after my sister and I – knowing we suffered from mental illness! I became friends of Kim Haffner and her family – who I believe read Christine’s biography. Kim denies she read it after having it for a month. I believe she passed it around to our neighbors.  All the Ugly Ones got jealous because they did NOT GET what Christine and I got – good looks and talent!

In their verbal attacks The Uglies claimed I did not deserve to live in this low cost complex that catered to damaged and wounded people. They compiled a file in ordered to get me thrown out. I was – one of the Beautiful People – who had made their lives miserable before they moved in. When they saw this handsome dignified man walking about with a cat at his heals, there had to be big mistake. I was – glowing! I was – radiant! I looked like a professor! I did not understand their Ugly God had betrayed them – and was really rubbing their nose in their grotesqueness!  They invoked the name of Belle and Alley Valkyrie who threatened me with violence and used my photo to slime and slander me and my newspaper.

These attacks led me back into therapy. I could not see what the core anger was from these people. I had asked Haffner if she thought I was crazy and dangerous, why didn’t she call Cahoots. She had worked at the Johnson Unit for years. I believe the others work in a welfare office of some kind. They had no sympathy or empathy for me. They mentally tortured me.

What I now see, is the people who surrounded Christine and I – went out of their way to destroy us – and our beauty! Our brother Mark Presco was cast in our shadow. When Christine died, he wanted me out of the way. Because of the extreme abuse we suffered from both parents, my creative sister and I could not see how beautiful we are – were! They have done everything to make sure my autobiography never sees the light of day.

Above is a picture of Alley Valkyrie in Ken Kesey Square. She is a public figure summoned by Haffner who fed members of Whoville as a gleaner. Has she contacted these Anarchists who are instructing her how best to attack me? That is Belle’s lover with his arms wrapped around the woman listening to Ken read to – the children! How much this work resembles the statue of Cervantes that was defaced by Anarchists. Alley hung her propaganda crap around Kesey’s neck. She does not play any instrument,

Here is a pic of my brother, Mark Presco. He was not born with the gifts and good looks his siblings were born with. He too is related to Robert E. Lee, and the Benton’s. I will make sure that this pic of Mark, and his racist essay, get hung around the neck of THE UGLY AND DISTRUCTIVE PEOPLE.

I went to a city hall meeting and Zane Kesey spoke. He had complained about his father’s statue being taken hostage, how he could not get to it due to the homeless and their Pitbulls. Witch Gwendolyn was there.

I just found this prophetic and historic post. Learned people are predicting Mount Rushmore will soon be defaced. Fauci declared there was a anti-science movement in America that will kill people. Anti-Science. Anti-Art. Anti-Beauty. Anti-Literature. I will make a website of Ken reading Mark Presco’s manifest around the Doomsday Clock.

EXTRA! Twenty minutes after I posted the above, I found this on facebook. This blog is profoundly prophetic – as well as astute. Victoria Bond is a sculptress.  Are the Russians behind these attacks?

Zane Kesey stood before Mayor Kitty Piercy and pleaded for her not to close Kesey Square because SLEEPS turned it into their Anarchist camp. A ugly woman named Angie is often used to make police officers look like sex abusers. I started covering this NATIONAL STORY seven years ago. I got no help. The hip community left me hanging from a yardarm. A female reporter titles Angie and her female lovers “sacrificial virgins”.

“Forward” statue repainted after graffiti

Protesters brought down two downtown Madison statues as demonstrations that started early Tuesday afternoon raged late into the night.

The “Forward” statue outside of the Statehouse fell first. Protesters descended on the Madison landmark around 10:30 p.m. As some demonstrators formed a perimeter around the statue to keep anyone from approaching, others wrapped a harness around it and pulled it to the ground.

The statue is a replica of the one created by Menasha, Wisconsin, native Jean Pond Miner for 1893′s World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, she sculpted the “Forward” statue to symbolize the progress she felt Wisconsin represented. It was moved to Madison in 1895. The bronze replica that fell Tuesday night was installed in 1998 when the real one moved inside.

Not long after the Forward statue fell, protesters moved on to the one celebrating Hans Christian Heg and brought it down.

“I am a white man who has grown weary of the guilt trip laid on us by women and people of color. Indeed, I have grown intolerant. To many my intolerance makes me a bigot, my bigotry a sexist and racist. So be it. I hate no one because of their race or gender. I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness. However, I reject the white man’s burden. It is not our responsibility to provide the world with economic parity to white men. They have the responsibility to make their parts of the world as desirable as we have made ours, and to provide their children with the same quality of life we provide ours. We must take back our culture. The future of the world, our countries and our cultures cannot be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Because I was denied fair use of Ken Kesey Square by the Invisible Wiccan Nation, and members of  the Nightingale Collective of  Witches who claim they are a religion, and because the found Deed does not specify whether ‘The People’ are citizens of a Democracy, I claim the Square in name of  my kindred, the late Thomas Hart Benton, the sole proprietor of the Oregon Territory. Because the Supreme Court ruled Corporations are people too, based upon the religious ingestion of peyote by Native Americans who were citizens of Oregon and the United States, I declare Ken Kesey Square a religious shrine. Ken had a religious experience after he consumed peyote, a hallucinogenic substance.

“One night he had a vision on peyote, of the hallucinated face of an American Indian-Chief Bromden!”

When the Supreme Court ruled corporations are people too,  they re-established the dominion of the Benton family in territory that was mainly owned by John Astor, who hired Benton as his attorney and agent in selling the Oregon Territory to the British, then buying it back. John owned the American Fur Company that may have been ordained by God and the Constitution – even though the land he owned was not yet a part of the United States. Christian leaders claim all of the fifty states were founded by Christians. This may only be applicable to the original Thirteen Colonies.

Then there is the matter of the Republicans refusing to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court which may null and void many rulings because Good Faith must be maintained. These ambiguous and arbitrary mechanizations by the Party of Jesus, bids me to solidify the religious integrity of the Church of Ken.

In this day, February 26, I declare Kesey Enterprises Inc. a religious entity who have a rightful claim to Kesey Square in order that they may own a permanent sanctuary to practice and preserve their religious philosophy. The Church of Ken will be open to the public under conditions still to be established.

What I ask for is the preservation of the Benton family history, which includes the founding of the Abolitionist Republican Party, and the promotion of Bohemianism. Nancy Hamren and I attended ‘The Gathering of the Tribes in 1967 in Golden Gate Park while under the influence of a hallucinate so we may have religious visions and own a path that takes us to Spiritual and Religious Freedom.

Nancy gave her family recipe to the Kesey family in practicing the Hippie Religion – before Hobby Lobby was founded. HL is buying Biblical artifacts to put in their Biblical Museum. We need a Hippie Museum in Eugene.

Above all, Native Americans who practice the peyote rituals are welcome to occupy Kesey Plaza in order to practice their ancient religion.

I am trying to put together a legal team that will scrutinize Donald Trump’s threats to build a wall along the Mexican border – while holding no elected office! This might be seen as a Conspiracy to deprive American Citizens of Religious Freedom due to the fact the practitioners of the Peyote Rituals did not confine their practices to borders set by Europeans, and Americans who crossed the Mississippi while this religion – native to the Americas – was taking place. I will send a letter to the President of Mexico.

Jon Presco

President Royal Rosamond Press

But, you might ask, how did all this happen? It began as a rally near San Francisco City Hall commemorating Juneteenth that had elements of protest to it, with calls for police reform and measures against institutional racism. Late in the day, around eight o’clock, a group of about 200, mostly clad in black, moved to Golden Gate Park, where they began to wreak havoc. Down came missionary Father Junipero Serra, down came Ulysses S. Grant, down came Francis Scott Key. There’s a certain logic to it, whether you agree with it or not: they were all, in their ways, political figures of one sort or another, and knocking down their statues makes at least some political point. Certainly the anarchist symbols spray-painted on the pedestals are a statement of politics, and you could take ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) as one, if a little indirect.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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