U.S. British Allience Against Axis of Evil

There is a world revolution happening that NEEDS real history to back it up and fuel it. I took a closer look at Armstrong and he was a racist. I am claiming the whole of his church so I can reform it.

Rosamond Press

Boris Johnson is Trump’s evil twin. Two days ago he began calling members of Parliament “traitors’. Trumtraitor picked up this foreign chant, and brought it home to use as a weapon against ALL Democrats.

Down with The Triad of Evil!




Unite! This is – The Good Fight!

John Presco


Armstrong and British Israelism

What would be the mission of James Bond be in the next six months, if he was for real? Our government under Trump and his evangelical advisors, has severed ties with Britain and Canada in favor of Israel. This is due to the Tribulation and Rapture heresy. For the fist time in the foundation of both nations, religion is playing a huge role. Herbert Armstrong went his own way, as instructed by God.

Here is his prophecy aimed at strengthening the bond between Britain and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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