Am I Sane & Safe?

I predicted a medical DISASTER.

Rosamond Press

For years folks have labeled me insane for their own Comfort Reasons. Why? I don’t make an effort to give them SIGNALS I am sane and safe. How boring! Artists, writers, poets, hippies, beats, and bohemians, do not care about making people feel safe – and normal!

My friend Bryan knew Charlie Manson. The two demons that cut Herbie’s throat, are considered sane – saner than me! How about the dude who shot the muralist? Was he sane? Have I cut anybody, or shot anybody? Yes, that is Rick Perry with dudes in Confederate uniforms. Trump tried to create a shot where children are hugging his knees while Hillary looks on.

Most of the Republican Congress are INSANE religious maniacs who are trying to murder millions of people in the name of Jesus! Bannon has began his version of Helter Skelter. I warned you about these false prophets and leaders. They…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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