William Wilson’s Eternal Rose

Where did Rosemary Rosamond get all her power? Her mother is Mary Magdalene Rosamond. Some women authors say Mary had more power than Jesus, and was the force to be reckoned with. I just redicovered the idea that Ian Fleming was influenced by Poe. “When James Bond dreamt of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe seems an unlikely influence on Ian Fleming’s writing, but the 19th-century poet, story-teller, and master of the macabre nevertheless made his mark in the James Bond novels.
Ian Fleming mentions Poe three times in the Bond novels. There is one reference in Moonraker (1955); Fleming compares the ominous ticking inside the Moonraker rocket before launch to “the beating heart in Poe’s story” (probably ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ (1843), in which “the beating of the old man’s heart…increased my fury, as the beating of the drum stimulates the soldier into courage”).


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For two days my Muse has bid me to announce I am the embodiment of Reverend John Wilson. But, what about his father, William Wilson? I then found John Wilson V.  An hour ago I found ‘Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment’ – after I found Edgar Allan Poes ‘William Wilson’. This story was influenced by Hawthorne who has my great grandfather, John Wilson, in his novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

“The Reverend Wilson is among the men who judge Hester Prynne at the beginning of the book. We’ll let the narrator introduce him:

[he was] the eldest clergyman of Boston, a great scholar, like most of his contemporaries in the profession, and withal a man of kind and genial spirit. This last attribute, however, had been less carefully developed than his intellectual gifts, and was, in truth, rather a matter of shame than self-congratulation with him. There he stood, with a border of…

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