Seeing Heaven Before I Was Created

Last night I made many posts in answer to a women Christian who said she had a near-death experience. I defended her because she aske for the truth. My posts were erased. I concluded we are doomed at spoke of building an Ark.

I told this group about the reading I had at the Berkeley Psychic Inst. in 1987. A young woman was psychically attacked by my mother, Rosemary who did not want me to be read. The guide told her to put up a barrier of white light, then another block – that worked. These are the words she spoke;

“You own your own creation….You died!”

What she meant, was, I saw my parents come together to make love, and bring me into the world.

My mother was very powerful, and evil. My daughter was born on Rosemary’s birthday. Heather and her grandmother have worked to render me familyless. Is there such a word, such a possibility? When I was twenty, I was unborn. I came to the place I came from – before my parents conclieved me. I was reborn three days after Yom Kippur during a amazing star shower. I have told my read this – many times – followed by this word;


John ‘The Nazarites’

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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